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Your prefered fishing method?


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As I sit here in a conference listening to the CFO and Chief Financial Officer speak about the software and budgeting tool I'm building, I got to thinking about fly fishing due to the mild weather that currently envelops the eastern seaboard. I hope that some of you are able to get out today and tomorrow prior to the bitch old man winter invading.

In the man time, I was just curious as to which method of fly fishing you prefer? I realize different times of year call for different approaches and methods, as does water height and and both temp of the water/air. Couple them all together and you could argue one never adheres to the same method more tan a few outings. There are rivers such as the Deerfield, Farmy, and the Swift that allow constant water flows and temps, and therefore, require minimal deviation in tactics from day to day. Obviously these are the river exceptions and unfortunately, all of us suffer from the mid summer and mid winter doldrums when water is low and HOT or high and COLD.

So, if you could take you're most perfect day on the water and the method i which you would employ, what would it be?

Ever since I could walk, my father stuck a fly rod in my hand and began teaching me the ropes. Quickly becoming infatuated in the sport, I would fly fish as much as possible, going to the extent of persuading the bus drive to drop me off at a few spots on some occasions during my afternoon bus rides home. Obviously the first method one learns is just simple chuck and duck. Then streamers, and then of course the ever challenging different dry fly presentations, fly specifically chosen and carefully placed to entice those slimy little bastards. Once I became familiar with all methods, I really began to perfect my high sticking nymph tactic. Sure, if water was high or conditions called for the "down and across" method, on went my favorite stream and I swung. If conditions permitted the use of dry flies, I then transitioned to that. However more times than none, you always find me with my longest rod in my arsenal, beat'n up on trout with tandem rings under a tangerine. I consider myself a relatively accomplished fly fisherman and can surely put the ass beat'n on the trout, however I'm always learning and picking everyone's brain.

Over the last year, I began to regularly employ a different method. Some refer to this method as "Colorado Nymphing" where you hang a small nymph off the bend of a big,bushy dry/stimulator. One could argue the fact it isn't much of a deviation from "high sticking" with a bobber and tandem rig and the fact one targets the same type of water. Despite those arguments, I find this method MUCH more exciting!

My go to rig for this set up is a size 2 or 4 Chubby Chernobyl in Gold or Tan with a HALO Prince size 16 hung 2 feet off the bend. I use an upstream approach and I target the SAME water one would hit if he wanted to have a "pocket water" day. This method also allows to run a nymph through any run, riff, or pool as well, if the fish aren't keying on surface yet.

Visions of the lower West Branch of the Ausable come racing back to me as I type this. Approaching that Volkswagen sized rock in a stretch strewn with features creating that delicious back eddy with two ripp'n seams on wither side, the sun just touching the tops of the trees, the water slightly elevated and stained, and my dad sitting on the bank, puffing on his stogie, watching as I toss that first cast. I quickly mend, throwing line upstream, the stimulator sits there, before it slowly works its way down the 5foot back eddy. Out of now where, a slab of butter comes racing up from the depths, absolutely MISSING the stimmy but provides an awesome acrobatic show. My dad chuckling behind me, doubting my ability to stick the fly in its jaw, I reproach the rock, strip out the needed line that is required for said drift, and then place my stimmy right behind the rock. BAM! The fish explodes on the fly, quickly inhaling it and racing down to the bottom as I quickly put all the line back on my reel...Bored with this spot, he races me down two sets of rapids, nearly tangling me in downed trees, before I am able to bring him to the net. A fly, 3'' long sticking out of the corner of a 16'' fishes face is the most beautiful thing in the world.

Now don't get me wrong, I enjoy ALL types of fly fishing, however there are some methods that edge out others by a c hair, and Colorado Nymph'n for me, is it. Couple this with spending quality time with my favorite fishing partner, my dad, during a week's vacation on the Ausable River, and that my friends is a recipe for some of the best times of my life.
Very inspirational story chris..

Looks like they upped your addy dose! HAHA! :smiley-sniffer:
Sight fishing dry flies.....slow smooth water.....nothing better than the slow rise.....inspection and the take...
I think its a split for me between good streamer action from a boat in high water, and dry fly fishing to big fish in skinny water. When the streamer bite is on, nothing is more exciting than tossing big stuff you can see and having a big fish crush the fly. Its fun because it requires accurate casting to structure which is challenging/rewarding when you make the cast, its exciting because you anticipate a fish being in a certain spot and its great when your guess turns out to be right, and the fish are usually big.
On the flip side, seeing a big fish sipping flies in a skinny tailout is great. The fish looks huge if its a nice fish, and usually the hookup is explosive with the fish freaking out right after it knows its hooked. Also, these fish aren't easy so the satisfaction of fooling a tough fish makes it a rewarding experience
I like dry fly fishing from the bank on a nice late spring evening with the water low and clear. First, you hunt for individual fish. I like the hunting aspect of fishing and like to spot em first. Then when you spot them, in fishing from the bank have to think out every cast because you can never get exactly into the right place and have to come up with clever ways to get the fly to the fish. All is right with the world when it all comes together and you see that fly sucked in. The mellow, thinking man's sport. Concentrating on that little hunk of feathers floating along makes all my troubles go away. Oddly enough, I like to catch a few, but don't need to post big numbers when I'm working out ways to fool one or two tough fish.

I try a lot of different techiniques - many of them odd. Chucking monster streamers sure is fun because even if you don't hook up your heart rate can explode when you see a trout as long as your leg come out of hiding and follow your offering.

Finally, nothing beats setting up a kid (or kid at heart) to catch their first fish on a fly. I've caught a lot of fish. More and more often I prefer to see someone else get them.
Skating orange Stimulators under a cut bank in October when the water is low and the big fish are looking for caddis. Probably the most exciting fishing ever, like topwater streamer fishing :)
Trout: Dry dropper set-up

Steelhead: If they are chasing, and I have the room, I am swinging.
Berkley Ugly stick, 8lbs test Trilene, night crawlers or Uncle Mikes pink salmon eggs
Any small stream with a few wild ones, no people other than those invited by me, a lightweight rod, usually #14 or smaller BH nymphs, Ice cold beers waiting in the truck, a 50 or bigger ring maduro cigar does the trick for me.

Love sitting in my boat on the Mainstem when it's pushing 95. I'm happy when I can float down the river with no shoes, no shirt, and just a bathing suit, laughing at all the nitwits with their expensive waders on.

Looking for and finding heads sip'n dries off the surface is a bonus. Love standing in the boat casting just to see the line shoot out.

Over the years I've come to love wet wading. Yeah you freeze a little at first but you get used to that 44-46 degree water pretty quick when it's hot outside.

So you're the the dude they have a picture of hanging in the Baxter House, exposing yourself to the teenage koreans at Balls Eddy from your boat...
I like nymphing and the dry/dropper but what I like the best is waiting for the evening hatch. The waters dead and it's slowly getting towards dark
and then the fish come out in numbers like you wouldn't believe.........got to love it.
You're allowed to fish for trout using methods other than dry fly sight fishing? You learn something new everyday...
As some of you already are aware, I am a loyal Ronco costumer. Ron Popeil is without a doubt the most prolific inventor that has ever lived. His greatest achievement, and my personal favorite fishing system is The Pocket Fishermen. My man Ron is years ahead of the other rod and reel manufactures in innovation and his dynamic drag system.

As some of you already are aware, I am a loyal Ronco costumer. Ron Popeil is without a doubt the most prolific inventor that has ever lived. His greatest achievement, and my personal favorite fishing system is The Pocket Fishermen. My man Ron is years ahead of the other rod and reel manufactures in innovation and his dynamic drag system.

They're back. Have you seen the commercials? It's now a 2 for 1 deal and I want one! One of my good friends growing up had one when we were kids and I was actually jealous because he could store his lures in the handle :)
Some of the most frightening shit I've ever seen is while bird hunting. Not a sport conducive to large groups, especially large groups with noobs.
Some of the most frightening shit I've ever seen is while bird hunting. Not a sport conducive to large groups, especially large groups with noobs.

I was almost shot turkey hunting one year. Never went back to that land to hunt ever again.
I've seen guys almost shoot the dogs, blow each others heads off swinging after birds. I can't believe more people aren't dead.
Nice softball sized rock some twine a half stick of dynamite with with a fuze that stays under water, tie stick of dynamite to rock usuing twine ..light fuse throw rock in water after you have read the stream, hurry downstream or get in boat with net an wait for boom
poling the boat up on a flat and actually "making" the perfect cast.....while shitting your britches the entire time!