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Rusty Spinner
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  • "I should add that my PMs are overwhelmed as of late by those complaining about certain posters (not just on North Eastern Fly Fishing) and how that might affect Trout Unlimited. I hope everyone understands that as a staff member on the conservation side, I can't in any way dive into these issues that are attached to our grass-roots members."

    Hey man! Next time you are behind Cassia and walking back to your ride, wave to the pseudo tudor house next to the one with the blue shutters.

    I went there and caught a nice trout! I was down by Columbia and caught a nice sunny. Then I checked my email and came back. Irony reigns supreme....the hole across my road yields my second trout after I have been kayaking towards Penwell all this time.

    Thanks again for the tip! I hope to have the opportunity to buy you a coffee or beer at some point! Too bad Cassia isnt the road house I hear it once was.
    We will have a lot of project work I am lining up as I write this for this coming autumn in the Musky watershed. Several riparian buffer planting projects on both the main river and some tribs. Good way to meet new people who love to fish for trout and help out the resource at the same time! I post those events here under the "Conservation" forum and we get a lot of NEFF members out to help. Many are also TU members, but some are not.
    Ok, so I think I will look for jobs related to the nj trout fishery/conservation.

    Perhaps on the weekends, in a volunteer capacity. Seems like a good way to learn.
    Will there be a speaker at tonight's TU meeting? I didn't see anything posted on the web site.

    Pete R.
    No, not on my b-day, I had to wait until Saturday to fish and it wound up being with you on the Flatbrook after the clean up!
    Thanks, your offer alone is very generous! We think that this was a minor spill and we are not expecting loss of fish or significant loss of aquatic life.
    I'm sure the TU guys will know what they're doing better than I. A bit outside my purview, but always willing to help.
    Brian, What do you know about the Pequannock TCA? A few days before I assited with the rock laying at the Musky, I caught and released a lovely brown trout there about 14 inches long. I've been back there 4 times since and been skunked each time. It really is a great looking stream, I just don't understand why I don't see anyone fishing there and why no one talks about it on the forum. What are your thoughts?
    Monday was the KLG stocking. I was over the mountain stocking Point Mountain TCA while the KLG TCA was stocked. Both are fishing well as you can imagine right now. Brian
    Thanks guys! Glad to hear the Musky is being well loved and cared for. I'll have needs for tons and tons of volunteers this year and for the next several years to accomplish our goals so come on out when you can, but make sure you keep fishing! I'll be out with another buddy on Wednesday after he shows me some sections of the lower Pohatcong (been asked to look at some dams down there). Then we hit the lower Musky - 57 degrees and no snow melt - yippppeeee!
    Thanks for all your hard work on the Musky fished it this weekend and had an outstanding day. The hype on the stream was the last dam's removal. The anglers were saying it made for excellent flows.

    Had a double digit day hook up wise between my friend and I. Keep up the great work!
    Thank You Sir

    I am now officially not traveling nearly as much as last year. This is good and this also means I can actually follow through on some promises I have made over the last year. One of which was to contribute to your efforts on the Musky. One of a few streams I grew up fishing when I was wee lad. My first opening day other than the Rahway was on the Musky just upstream from the bridge that crossed over into mansfield I believe. Dam near froze my arse off since I didnt have waders but still decided I was ok to wade....Would be happy to give back to a river that gave me so many great memories.
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