Lower part of the Ken Lockwood Gorge
Foggy Fisherman / Dreamcatcher before dreamcatcher. :)
on the D
Somewhere on the Westbranch of the Delaware
Delaware Water Gap Scenic Area
Willowemoc River, Covered Bridge
Learning the river
Fireman's on the EB of the Delaware!
You fish your way, I'll fish mine
Drake time! Wish it were every day!
When you wake up knowing you'll be rowing a boat, you know it's going to be a great day!
Take a dog fishing
Upper D. float
Sage & Winston
Nice Brown
Fly fishing the D
Always a good day!

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Welcome back to the new NEFF. Take a break from Twitter and Facebook. You don't go to Dicks for your fly fishing gear, you go to your local fly fishing store. Enjoy!

North Eastern Fly Fishing

Brand new to fly fishing

Good day. I've wanted flyfish for many years but never had the opportunity and I've now decided to MAKE that opportunity. I have NO experience and NO knowledge and NO equipment. I'm not sure if this is the best place...
  • Tomde
  • Replies: 3

Windy D days are the worst but here's a little fish porn!

I'd rather fish in the snow than with the wind but, This week didn't disappoint.

Had a great time this past Saturday. Caddis emerges were the in thing. Different shapes and sizes. I don't like to brag so I only...

new member check in

just saying hello to my fellow fly fishers. fishing my whole life and started fly fishing in 2006. in 2019 i bought a house on the musconetcong so the river is in my backyard which is really great. i mainly fly fish...
  • Kype
  • Replies: 16

Charlton 8450c reel

I have a Charlton 8450c reel. I need a spool. I know this is far fetched but... Anyone have a spool you're willing to let go?

Hit and run.

I parked my car at the Shehawken boat ramp today. Someone who clearly should not own a boat hit me. I have his plate number but, if anyone knows this moron, please have him/her contact me before I call the Game...

For the pike fisher


Newbee Losing Some Brookies

Hey All,

Need some feedback:

I just started fishing small streams for brookies and connected with several today, but lost them. Just wondering what your leader length for small creeks is usually?

I was using a...

How much is too much water on South Branch of Raritan or Musconectcong?

Hi everyone!

Hoping to get on the water tomorrow. With all the rain recently, I am concerned water levels may be too high for wading. Can anyone help me understand normal flow vs 'too much water' for these rivers...
  • kdecker
  • Replies: 5

NJ & PA Opener

So, who is going to test their mental stability and venture out for one, or both of the trout openers this Saturday?

Special Reg. C&R

Fished a Class A C&R stream this morning and it was quite the delight. Literally, it was a catch fest of browns and a few brookies. Most of the fish were in the 8-10 inch size and a few nice fish up to 18 inches.

Still here

Believe it or not…
Future Fanatic

Sad news

Just saw on another site that Cathy Beck passed while on a trip to Argentina. She was 71. Saw her at the fly fishing show years ago and she was demonstrating how to double haul and made it clearer to me.

Anyone else considering breast implants?

I’m considering breast implants. It’s just that I want to be sure that my new boobs won’t impact my fly fishing.

For those here who have had the surgery…

Can you launch a 90 foot laser to a rising trout on a cold...

Introductions w pronouns

I think it would be cool if we all reintroduced ourselves and also stated our preferred pronouns.

Dennis, I think this is part of the problem with NEFF. Lots of us use they/them pronouns, and it hurts a lot to be...

Fly Fishing History Documentary

Hey everyone, my name is Diogo and I started a fly fishing documentary series!

The first episode introduces my friend Peter and I, who will host colorful characters and fly fishing legends across the fly fishing...

The doldrums of winter, not so dull on the WB of the Delaware River

When I'm bored, I sit back and watch this guy fish the WB. The video has some drone footage too.

late October on Brodhead

I fished the last 3 weekends on the Brodhead at the Evergreen section, which is not stocked. While there aren't near as many fish as the stocked sections, there are some nice fish in it. I have never caught anything...
greg s
  • greg s
  • Replies: 2

Cannonsville drawdown!

Well, fishing should be GREAT next summer/fall! Not sure about the following year...

The Delaware Aqueduct has been leaking upwards of 35 million gallons per day since the 1990s. In 2010, New York City announced a...
Future Fanatic

Lanternfly hatch?

Has anyone already, or does anyone expect to take advantage of a Spotted Lanternfly hatch this season?

Big poacher caught on neversink

Some guy in my area ish got caught killing and selling tons of trout from my favorite neversink

Catskill Mountain Man

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New to NEFF. I live and fish in So. Cal 7-months of the year, spend the other 5-months in Ocean City NJ. I'm looking to start fresh water fly fishing there beginning late May through October. Any help finding fun spots to start would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
Happy Thanksgiving everyone!
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I found your thread about floating the south branch and north branch. Can you please shed some more light on where to put in and take out, suitable water levels, ect... Dying to find a float in NJ.
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