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Upper D. float

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Welcome back to the new NEFF. Take a break from Twitter and Facebook. You don't go to Dicks for your fly fishing gear, you go to your local fly fishing store. Enjoy!

North Eastern Fly Fishing

Ken Lockwood Gorge

What is going on with KLG ?? Its hard to get a truthful answer on stocking. I have heard they will be dumping from the bridge, another person said they are only
stocking lower parking lot. All I know is between the...
Eagle Claw

Who would win in a fight? - Macfly vs Beetle?

Vegas would probably have to take Macfly here, but Beetle has a size advantage and a lifetime of mistreatment to inspire rage.

So I'm going to say that Beetle would only win if he was allowed to do battle with a...

Site request

Is it possible to put music 🎶 on NEFF?

I’d like it if the Boy George/Culture Club Spotify channel were on 24 hour rotation. Karma Chameleon would go well with Mac’s latest long form article (from 2010).

Can a...

Flagler's latest.

All 7 of you looking at this should check out Tightlines Instagram page. His latest "Barbie" videos are something to behold...very funny.👏👏👏👍

While everyone else is out enjoying themselves...

I'm scouring the net for things that I find interesting so I can keep the 2 of your happy. I found this on the Sage Facebook page. What the hell is this thing?

Where Are The Fish?

I headed out fishing twice this week on the SBR. Monday I took a trip to Ken Lockwood Gorge and the river looked great! There were great looking pockets and yet, I did not see one fish. Then I checked out the...

Test Test Test


Summer drought affects

This may be the first actual fishing post on the new site.

I was concerned as to what affect the summer drought would have on one of my favorite WTS in the Poconos. After the Friday night rain I ventured out to...

What the hell is this!!! Sunny brookie tiger brown?

This has to be photoshopped!!! I'd be pretty disappointed with this one.

I see no signs of a rainbow.


I've added a USGS sidebar. If you have a location that you'd like to see, I can add it.

Does this count?

Does it count if you catch it like this?

You know you've been there and you know you played it off as legit to the people who you know are watching you out of the corner of their eyes!

I had my girlfriend on...

Nice New Look

This is a great new look. Congratulations Dennis. Maybe the threads will be interesting this time around.

60 days of FREE Advertising

If you have a business, fly shop, hunting shop, etc... Must be outdoor sports related, feel free to inbox me. I'll have a banner with a link to your business displayed in various locations throughout the site.

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I found your thread about floating the south branch and north branch. Can you please shed some more light on where to put in and take out, suitable water levels, ect... Dying to find a float in NJ.
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