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Welcome back to the new NEFF. Take a break from Twitter and Facebook. You don't go to Dicks for your fly fishing gear, you go to your local fly fishing store. Enjoy!
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  • Dennis,
    When I tried to reply to a post by TR about the boulders on the EB, it would not let me in. I'm able to send PM's but it keeps requiring me to sign in. When I do, I get a message prompting me to sign in again no matter how many times I've tried. I used my correct name and password, even changing my password to see if that was the problem, but no luck. Any ideas?
    Jeff Church
    dennis i will make a nice donation to ur site..but im stupid with the computer..i dont have paypal nor do i want it..but i do have cash....lets do this
    Hi Denis, It was good to see you yesterday. Looks like the YouTube embed works fine. I'll throw some more videos up for shits and giggles. Matt
    Dennis, having an issue while logged on. Very slow scrolling and while typing. Logged off, and backed out of site. Came back to site without loggin in and can navigate quickly. Log back in, however, and super slow typing on top blog. While in thread, however, and here, I can type as fast as I want. Other sites are fine. Any ideas? Thx. Tom
    Every time I try to read a post, it goes to it and
    then goes straight to a reply box. So I can't
    read the posts.
    Thanks. Trust me, it will only get better from here but I need a rest. I've been at this since last night some time.
    dennis,,the more im on the site i do like the changes..ignore my first post..i didnt give it enough time..srry
    I am new to the site and wanted to know where (or if) it would be appropriate for me to make an announcement about a new iPhone fishing app that i developed called iSolunar Hunting & Fishing Times -- i dont want to spam your site.
    I registered yesterday and never received an email. My email address is bradymaher@hotmail.com
    Not sure if I made a typo when I registered, but above is correct.
    zoo-lu king-,..i accept the nude rules "BUTT",..your high-nASS will not alot my chumpness in,..and I am not lowering my securcuring settings,..am i shit outta luck,.."SOL",..cuz,..i doo enjoy your gift to this piss pot ofa planet,..i shall crawl to my coner and await your beckconing,...signed:..the devil laughing @ ?
    As I said in my last PM, I am interested in your proposal for a Trip on the West Branch.
    When are possible dates?


    As we alll have guide and shop stories good and bad, why not set up a section for rating guides, shop and outfitters! What do you think?

    No way pal!!!! I purchased that about a month before the prices of them sky rocketed. He had two. I told him I'd have to think about the other one. :(
    Here's the dope on the Battenkill Shiner:
    Hook: size 6 8x long
    Head: Black
    Tail: A vary small bunch of gray hackle fibers
    Butt: a few turns of red floss
    Body: Tapered white floss
    Ribbing: Flat silver tinsel, over body only
    Throat: A small bunch of gray hackle fibers
    Wing: Two medium blue saddle hackles on each side of which is a silver badger saddle hackle, all extending to the end of the tail
    Cheeks: Jungle cock rather short
    Streamer Fly Tying and Fishing, J. Bates 1950 pg. 222


    What happend to the thing with new users have to post x amount of times before being able to post pictures? Think alot of issue's may go away if that was still there. But then it's very entertaining....

    hi, registered for the site, but have not received any email confirmation. my email adress is andre417@hotmail.com. thanks for taking the time andre417
    a guy i work with gave me a bamboo rod called montague rapidad is what the sticker says its a four piece set with two end tips i was wondering if any one has an idea on what i have
    Believe it or not, we've had this for years. Nobody found it usefull. Let me see if I can dig it up.
    No worries...I think I can use the forum jump to post. Dont rush on my accont. As long as I can start a thread Im good.
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