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  • Jeff,

    No, Parkins wasn't selling it. It was his old 2008 that he had traded in to Clacka. The boat had a Westbank Angler sign on it in the pictures Clacka sent me. They hadn't cleaned it up yet. Through the wonders of the internet I tracked the boat to him and called him up to ask him about the condition of the boat. He said he is now rowing a Clacka 16LP.

    Is your boat a high side or low side? I would consider an aluminum low side.

    I don't think I am going to be able to swing the skiff. It is a great price, but with the shipping it is more than I have right now. I called someone about a Hyde low side in TN today. The one pic he sent me looks like it is in good shape. I think the guy wants too much. $5000 for a 2001. He is going to be sending more pics. If I like what I see I'll try to talk him down.

    Let me know if you see anything in CT or around The D.


    Thanks for the offer. If I ever made it up to the Salmon River I would definitely by aluminum. As it stands right now I think I am getting a Clacka Skiff. I think that would be good for the Allegheny and Delaware. Have you heard anything bad about Headhunter Skiffs? I haven't been able to find anything bad online, but Clacka is selling the original Headhunters for $4300. They said it is because they want to move them to sell the newer Headhunter II. I don't know that I buy that though. I thought maybe you would have heard something in the guide world.

    When are you heading back to the east? I haven't bought anything yet. If you could keep your eyes open for me, i would appreciate that. Shipping from out west has just about tripled since I bought my last boat and I would rather find something in the east I can drive and pick up.

    One of the skiffs I was looking at was Robert Parkins' boat. He's a CT guy. Do you know him?
    Did you send me a second PM regarding the trailer? I saw I had a message but inadvertantly deleted it before it opened.
    Yes, the trailer is still available. Currently it is covered with a large vinyl tarp as there is a twin mattress and box spring under the tarp. I am very motivated to sell this trailer. It has NJ plates but was never registered so there is no sales tax involved. Anyone who purchases it will need to install a set of stop and turn signal lights. We never used it after dark and had to make hand signals. It is located on my property at the WB. It is very heavy duty and you could easily carry a large riding mower, ATV, or a drift boat if you widened the bed. The hitch end is very heavy and unless you are one strong guy it takes to to lift the receiver. My buddy and I were always talking about getting one of those gadgets with the crank and wheel that you can raise, or lower, to lift the receiver by yourself.

    I only go up during the week - actually I just returned from a three day visit. If you normally go up on weekends let me know and I can give you directions to my place.
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