Lower part of the Ken Lockwood Gorge
Foggy Fisherman / Dreamcatcher before dreamcatcher. :)
on the D
Somewhere on the Westbranch of the Delaware
Delaware Water Gap Scenic Area
Willowemoc River, Covered Bridge
Learning the river
Fireman's on the EB of the Delaware!
You fish your way, I'll fish mine
Drake time! Wish it were every day!
When you wake up knowing you'll be rowing a boat, you know it's going to be a great day!
Take a dog fishing
Upper D. float
Sage & Winston
Nice Brown
Fly fishing the D
Always a good day!

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Welcome back to the new NEFF. Take a break from Twitter and Facebook. You don't go to Dicks for your fly fishing gear, you go to your local fly fishing store. Enjoy!

North Eastern Fly Fishing

USGS Rivers

Rivers are now separated by state. Please let me know if you want other rivers added to the state they reside in.

South Branch Outfitters (Formerly, Shannon's Fly & Tackle)

Just noticed (Yeah, I'm a little slow at times) that Shannon's has changed its name to, "South Branch Outfitters".

The "Meet The Team" page includes the phrase, "Past, Present, and Future", which reminds me of...

Fish report for the Upper D.

Today is probably not the most ideal day to be on the river or plant your favorite plants (Then again, as the saying goes, a bad day of fishing is always better than a good day of work). It's going to be hit or miss...

Hendrickson's - Because it's that time of the year! (Ephemerella subvaria)!

The Hendrickson mayfly (Ephemerella subvaria) is named after, James E. Hendrickson, a long-time friend of, Roy Steenrod, the angler who first discovered the Hendrickson hatch on the Delaware River. Hendrickson and...

Parker Brook

I was reading a thread from about 10 years ago posted on NEFF about stream improvements "scheduled" for Parker Brook a trib to the Big Flatbrook. Does anybody know what came about with this? Curious. NJPatbee...
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I've been doing a bit of house cleaning around here

I'm still trying to dust off the cobwebs around here. Although not complete, check out the new forum layouts on the main page. I've consolidated some of the old forums and I've been re-arranging things to make...

Delaware Aquaduct Shutdown

Delaware Aquaduct Shutdown
I caught the last half of the Zoom presentation last night on plans for the Aquaduct repair planned for this year, beginning in the Fall. I conclude that, for 2023, it will result in...

Pretty tough running a forum!

Too much social media! How much longer will forums like this last? So many people are on Facebook and Instagram. They've both kinda killed the small guys. We were once the largest or one of the largest FF forums...


Anybody fish NJ last weekend? I understand the hatches were epic on the Pequod.

Dude confronts Tucker in Montana fly fishing store

At least it appeared to end with no violence.

Dude flyfishing in central park

Guy gets questioned about fishing in central park.

Such a nice humble guy.

Early Spring in the Catskills

Daffodils are poking out of the ground all over in the Catskills. Was on the mainstem walking the dog on Saturday and saw some some size 14 stoneflies buzzing around and also some smaller black caddis.

Thinking it...

DRBC Dashboard Availability

Two days ago I found that you can no longer access the dashboard on the DRC website. Very disappointing since that is where I can get information regarding possible spills in the near future. I have emailed the DRC...

How about a peaceful political discussion.

How is the present administration doing for the FF community? Are we better or worse, and why?

Delaware Water Gap NRA

Anyone explain why Trout Unlimited is against the change to National Park status?

Mid winter nymphinh

I got all my NJFW eagle observing done on Saturday and headed to the Poconos for some nymphing on Sunday. Air temp was a little chilly on arrival but it warmed up to a pleasant 48 degrees midday. Water was cold all...

USGS - Up to date CFS

I've added this to the side panel. If there are other streams that you would like added, Please let me know and I'll add them. These updates are performed every 15 minutes.

Flies to use this time of the year

Dry fly fishing in New Jersey in February can be challenging because the water temperature is typically cold and there are fewer hatches. However, some good dry fly patterns to try during this time of year include...

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