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Ctobias - still guiding in Alaska?

In order to complete my fly fishing movie, I want footage from Alaska. I intend to feature the Knik and Wasila fisheries and compare them to my home river, the Rahway.

Now I’m sure everyone is wondering why I need a guide, and why I chose CTobias. He guided Simms years ago. And I’d like to hire an exceptional guide, and offer a tip that shows my gratitude for a job well done. Years ago, Simms earned a small coffee for leading my first visit to the Salmon River.

Simms was good, but I expect better for Tobias, ie, a medium at least.

This could be the adventure of a lifetime. I need the best to guide me.

Thanks Ctobias, if you’re available.
If there are possible investors, well, I can’t possibly take a dollar from anyone who wants to invest in me. I’m often drunk and regularly miss production deadlines. The movie is currently about 10 minutes long, and has taken the better part of two decades to produce.