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Upper - WINDY!!!


Fished the main the other day and WOW! I've fished in extremely windy conditions before but have NEVER had to get out of a boat and pull it downstream. Whitecaps pushing the boat backward! It was pretty damn tough BUT, there is a silver lining. Bugs were on the water all day and the trout were looking up. I fished with my father and we each put a bunch of fish in the boat. Each fish was pretty much the same size as the one in the pic.

Around 7pm, the wind really picked up and a storm rolled in. I thought the wind was going to tip us over. It was STRONG. I thought a hurricane was ripping through. Once it slowed down a bit, I ran into a guy at the boat ramp who asked me if I got the tornado warnings for the past hour! It was pretty scary but, once it started, the fish started going nuts! I mean really nuts. Unfortunately, the conditions were too dangerous.

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Thanks for the post. First report on UD that I can remember, and sorely needed now that there are no other sources that I know of that tell you what is really going on. (Unless you know how to read between the lines)