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So I'm back at work today after about 2 weeks of fishing on the D.

It's getting to that point where fishing can be tough, but I have a few spots where nice rainbows hold in faster water and they're reliably gullible. So on the sunny/windy days I didn't float, I'd wander down to the river around 7pm and fish til dark. I generally catch 3-4 fish and sting/lose a few more.

So last night I hook a nice rainbow on my fourth or fifth cast and play it for about 2 minutes before it comes unbuttoned. I didn't lose the fly so I keep casting to rising fish and miss about 8 eats like a jackass while a wader downstream and a drift boat upstream both net like 3 fish. Pretty painful, but anyhow when I was breaking down I realized that there was no hook point on the fly!! That first rainbow sheared off the bend of the hook and I was just casting with a shank. Much easier to stomach.
I'm happy to hear this has happened to someone other than me
I anchored up in Bard Parker the other day and hooked into a rainbow that took me to my backing twice! I got it close to the boat and ready to net and wouldn't you know it... I left my net in the car! Had to break it off. Fish were bubbling on the surface at 11am, everywhere. It was insane and I couldn't even fish. Then I get a txt from Gene (Shuttle service) to let me know that my car was safely delivered to the takeout. I replied, "Thank You!!!!, might be an early day as I left my net in the car". He told me to meet him in Stockport so he could deliver my net! GENE Saved the day!!!

By the time I got to Stockport, the fishing died down, and only saw sporadic risers here and there until around 5:30 when it picked up again. Let me tell yah, I had a friggen blast! Definitely a banner day.
Bard Parker looked like the Salmon River this weekend. Water so low there were people on both sides of the bubble line, spaced about 20 yards apart for the first 200 yards. Saw atleast three guys casting indicator rigs to pods of rising fish.... anyhow I've never seen it so crowded.

Isos starting down low....
When I got there, there was only 1 boat with a guide. One was using an indicator for some reason and the other was not. Pretty much had the whole place to myself. I saw a few iso's.
Yea, a younger fella with fresh eyes would have spotted that right away. Sucks getting old...

This is my problem also. There is no solution......