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Tippet Material - can you spot the difference?


I put some tippet material under a microscope to see if I could tell the difference. Can you?

This is a mix of Fluoro vs Mono. 1 is 7x. The others are 4x - 5x, Cortland and RIO.

They all look different, thickness anyway. I found Ovis tippet to be more supple and easier to tie knots with. I bought some Wal-Mart tippet once, I forget the brandname...it is terrible compared to all the others.
You can actually spot the difference? The one on the bottom looks to be the strongest. The top is the 7x but the same brand as the one on the bottom. I'm going to compare more of these.
The one on the bottom looks to be the most uniform in diameter.
Yes DC, you can see thickness differences, that is it for me. But the top one looks like it has cracks in it...The two in the middle look the same.