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Absolute Beginner – Few quick questions


New member
Hi All,

Quick intro here, same usual story for the most part, not necessarily new to fishing, but new to fly fishing. Brother-in-law got me a basic fly fishing setup for my birthday and I’d like to give it a fair try. I have a few flies lying around from mystery tackle box type things as well as a brief try at “Tenkara” (which I found to be unproductive and a pain in the butt, but that’s just me)

been doing lots of reading and watching youtube videos, so I think I can figure out learning how to cast, match the hatch, etc. etc. etc. The two things I’d like to ask you all are as follows

  1. Beginner waders – Every stinking pair I come across in the $60-150 range has atleast 10 or more reviews saying “Leaked the first time I wore them.” Namebrand or otherwise. I would obviously like to avoid this, but I would like to get away with a starter pair incase they are only used a few times and never again. It just seems like unless you get a $400 pair of Simms its basically purely based on luck of the draw. Will I have a bad time if I get a made in china $80 pair of stockingfoot waders, some decent wading boots, and then address any leaks that may pop up with aquaseal?

  1. I live in central NJ…which is not a great spot for the “traditional” fly fishing experience. I got into fishing the D&R canal with light spinning tackle for rainbows and it was the first time I did some catch and cooks. I really enjoyed it! I’m not “super” interested in fly fishing for bass. I know to get my feet wet so to speak, I should just fly fish for some sunnies and whatever bites, but I would like to focus on the traditional creek wading for trout approach. Does anyone have any good spots within an hour or so of Trenton where I could achieve this? I know it’s a bit warm / low water levels for trout at the moment, but I do have my PA fishing license as well, and I see they fall stock – which I believe jersey is not doing this year.

Thanks in advance all.