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Anyone own a Drift boat with an electric motor?


I want to register my ship so I can put a small electric engine on it. Does anyone in here have an electric motor on your drift boat? If so, what is the process in NJ to register? I looked on the Motor Vehicle website but it was a little confusing.

I don't believe I have a title... It's essentially a row boat. I have a document that shows that I own the boat but that's it.
If it's 12' or less you don't need a title. You can register it as a motorized boat then. I have a 12' sneakbox with a 25 on it, no title, that is all I do. The motor size doesn't matter.
It's been ages, but as I recall, the original receipt, served as Proof of ownership, and also proof that I paid NJ sales tax.
The tax part was important...Saved me from paying the tax again.
In the meantime, I've been getting in some good rowing exercise. The problem is... I normally put in at 10 am after my 2.5-hour drive and when I'm ready to row out between 9-10 pm, it's a challenge because I have to put my boat away and don't get home until 1 am. It's a long worthwhile day but it's tiring too.