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KLG Water Conditions 8/2/09


Learning Latin
In a word: Improving.

So after this afternoon's rain, I took a ride to see the conditions along the SBR.
See the pics below for the story.

"trickle by pool" is the part of the stream entering the large pool with the single boulder in it.

"big_pool" is the big pool with the boulder in it.

In both cases, the water is all the way up to the road. The river must be 4-5ft above normal.

Moving down to the tressle, here are two pictures. One looking up river and the other looking down. You can see the water is flowing onto the road.

On the bright side, the new pier that's being built is now in the water instead of along side of it.

There were more pictures but there get the point across of how much rain hit the area 4 hours ago. There are still road closed in the area from flash flood washing down the roads. Mud slides, rock slides, down trees... It was one hell of a storm that crossed our way.... Maybe we'll be normal by next weekend.


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Wow Those cross braces look really sturdy on that hunk a sheet.

Looks like great craftmanship :smiley-sniffer:
Wow Those cross braces look really sturdy on that hunk a sheet.

Looks like great craftmanship :smiley-sniffer:

Gawd. Looks like a couple of drunken Irishmen came up with that build....
You know looking at those photos, one would have to stop and wonder if the people who designed those things, the people who approved the construction, and the people who did construct them....

May have had an idea on what they were doing?

Hey, but what do I know, when I graduated the 8th grade they didn't have engineering after arithmetic.

For those who really want to know what came after arithmetic.. recess.

My best subject.
I wonder if they had any experience in framing? I also wonder if the next 2000 cfs flow in the gorge will have any *ahem* detrimental effects?
First of all no Irishman would build something like that on a trout stream! They had to be illigal mexicans...

And why wait for high water, alittle gun powder in a container...I'm just saying...:beingsick:
That Pier is perfect for catch and release...Nothing like yanking a trout 6 ft in the air and over a railing...It will be like fishing the inlet Wall....Great Job Mr. Engineer:looser:...
The question is what date do we select as the over/under for the first time that pier is washed away from a flood? I'm thinking a Fall Noreaster' probably sometime in late October. Thoughts?

I left the gorge at 10:30am after a multi-hour drenching downpour. I managed one brown on a streamer.
Im not shocked the river was up that high by the afternoon, as it rose at least a foot in the time I was there.
Interesting article about the KLG 'improvements' on NJ.com. It seems that the Siera Club management isn't a fan of the work being done. Judging by the reader comments after the article, there isn't a lot of support among the community for the improvements either. Makes the DEP sound like they mislead the public and mismanaged the project. Not sure this is totally true, but interesting perspective nonetheless.

Naturalists grumble over improvements to Ken Lockwood Gorge - NJ.com

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Nothing like yanking a trout 6 ft in the air and over a railing.....

You know what, let's start a movement to ban all cripple people from fishing the Gorge.

Kids too.

Let's not forget DOGS

... and people who wear cowboy hats while fishing.
That peir is plain dumb. So anyone who catches a fish from it will have to haul it 6' out of the water to grab it?

Just looking at that roads edge by the tressle and that "dock" and what not is making me :puking-smiley:
Here is the link to the aforementioned article:

Naturalists grumble over improvements to Ken Lockwood Gorge - NJ.com

So far, we have had a 3000 cfs event in July and now a 2250 event in August. The road was quickly repaired the first time because they are working down there. What will happen when this project is concluded and damage occurs is anybody's guess. Also, the article mentioned that vistors would be able to drive in from the bottom or High Bridge side. If that is the case why even bother paving the upper end? I am sick of this project and can't wait for it simply to be finished. If you read the article, there is a space for comments below it and it seems many of the sentiments previously expressed on this forum are also expressed there. -JH:puking-smiley:
Since at least the time of Campbell, the NJDEP has increasingly implemented policies to the detriment of hunter and angler conservationists!
used to fish it years ago,..when it was not a toutist attraction,..and the "only trout mecca in the east"..=:beingsick:

later to the klg,..has not been & wont ever be what it was intended to be,..

just keep stockin' the sheet outta'of it,..so as the "cool" people can jack off in between baby carriages,..dog shet, and milf walkers,.:nose-picking:
Let's not forget DOGS

Speaking of which.... is it so hard for people to keep their pets on a leash!?
I had a couple dogs with their collars hooked together run through me getting my fishing line caught around their head.... what the hell? Then, as I'm fishing, another guy throws a log in front of me for his unleashed dog to retrieve. I thought there were leash laws in NJ? The state could make a small fortune enforcing it.... one of these days, a dog is going to get a hook in its eye and someone else is gonna get bit before any action is taken...

As for the road itself... I sure hope the state is prepared to have a permanent staff to maintain the gorge. One heavy rain and there were plenty of spots on the new surface that needed repair. And the places where there were pipes laid down?? Well, there must've been 10 new streams coming off the mountain where there wasn't before.

Thanks NJ for doing a great job! You sure have our best interests in mind...
Sqerl, I've had that same guy throw that log out for his lab in front of me. The dog swam through the pool, put all the fish down for over thirty minutes and had the nerve to shake off right next to me. I like dogs, but not while I'm trout fishing. I asked the guy what he was thinking and he said the dog was hot. I told him the fishing was too untill he got there. I guess he didn't get the point. :smokelots: