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Welcome back to the new NEFF. Take a break from Twitter and Facebook. You don't go to Dicks for your fly fishing gear, you go to your local fly fishing store. Enjoy!
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  • I'm not going to make it out. The wife has been busting balls all day, so I decided to get good and pissed while watching Hockey. I think Jamie was planning on the Gorge if he was gonna go at all.
    have you talked to jamie today???? are you still coming out tomorrow? I think he either wants to hit the gorge, or the beaverkill....either on is about an hour for me to get to, so it don't matter!
    Thinkin' I might have to stop by orvis to pick up some sulphers and iso's.....
    shes aight bro

    Ill tell you what she aint no 20 inch brown trout on a size 16 sulpher hahahahaha
    not gonna make it out this weekend bud. I have to spend it working since I am missing 3 classes next week for the trip to the catskills.
    Not at Fairway, they were on the Water Taxi side. It's usually hard to see into that gross water, through the condoms, oil, and goose shit... Never made it out there early, maybe this weekend if I get bored. I'm thinking the bass at Prospect Park have to be spawning in the shallows right now, an easy target with bright streamers.
    I'd love to head down there, let me jsut make sure we're going to be around this weekend. I think pam might have wanted to get out of the city.
    What's up Jay! Yo I saw some huge fish cruising around the pier in Red Hook today. I think they were blues, and I think they were 6-10 pounds. My heaviest rod is a 6, but I might string it up with a 20lb maxima leader and get to work at 5:30 friday for some fishing.
    Not the best use of a condom :p but a nice looking fly! What's that in the background - I see chips, tabasco and whiskey?
    last exit is right off the bqe its where he goes to pick up homeless men baby girl
    Ah! its a bar on Atlantic, between Clinton and Henry streets. I used to go to B and T all the time when I was working at Blue Man.....ah, those were the days!
    What is Last Exit? I usually drink at Moonshine and sometimes Bait & Tackle. I live in Bed-Stuy though.
    Yes I do! Do you live in the neighborhood? I was thinking of heading down to Last Exit to get a beer...
    Just noticed the post about Mindy.. So I'm assuming you know Paul and Becca? That's crazy talk.
    No shit! I've seen Blue Man Group crates downstairs that I wanted to steal. End of Van Brunt St? Small world indeed!
    got some good intel on the norwalk from a guy on another forum. we could take the train up and either get a cab or if Nick wants to go fishing maybe he can pick us up.
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