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  • Jim, thanks for the reply.....I haven't visited the web site in a while because of some craziness at work, so I just saw your message.

    Since I posted my comments on that thread, I have purchased 21 acres on Gladstone-Hollow Rd. in Andes. It's a really nice lot, and I'm now working with J&G Log Homes in Boiceville to design a vacation/retirement cabin for us. The lot is only about 5 minutes to the reservoir, and I should be able to get to the upper EB in less than a half hour. Also close to the Esopos and a few others.

    I appreciate your offer to assist me though!

    Let me know if you know anything about my new neighbors ;-)

    I think the 20 acre adjacent lot to mine is still for sale, as the owner asked me about a month ago if I would be interested in purchasing it......at this point I'm saving for the cabin, so I passed. Also, the lot is very steeply sloped and not as usable as mine.

    Thanks again,

    John Geissler
    2 Parkland Drive
    Milford, NJ 08848
    Hi Quality,

    I agree with the others about Bataviakill, I think it does get some stockies, but not sure if there is any holdovers.

    My real job is as a real estate broker and I think I have a couple of possible properties for you.

    Feel free to send me a quick email, if you would like to see what there is out here.

    Riverfront land on the East Branch, or a house with Beaverkill access or one with great gardens and only 4 miles to the West Branch or Cannonsville Reservoir.

    IF I can help, let me know, I love to find fly fishermen places in this area!!!

    Jim Serio
    James Serio Real Estate
    Hancock, NY 13783
    (607) 637-2992
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