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Powell fly rods

If you think Jim Clarkson is a "Rod Assembly Guy", that only illustrates how naive you actually are. He has more experience than anybody that works at "Schwab Rod" and you would be LUCKY to have him in your employ. He might even teach you guys how to make a rod! Also, (unlike your company's rods) he has a spine. Btw, your company is not almost 100 years old, just the name. YOUR company is about 19 years old. Btw, I have a 10' powell legacy with a broken tip built by Press Powell. Can I send it in to the "Powell" company and have it fixed? No, I cant. The new Powell company doesn't honor the old lifetime warranty of the old company. But hey! You guys are coming up on 100years! You call yourself the same company, but you don't honor the warranties of the company whose integrity you claim to have kept in tact. I can tell you first hand, that E.C., Walton, And Press Powell NEVER had a rod made in China, you "all American" business owner. If you guys are gonna get a rod, buy a real Powell rod on eBay or craigslist. Keep your eyes open and they pop up all the time. One way you can tell is by the Logo. If it says Powell and it has a "Nike-type" swooshy circle around the name Powell on the rod, don't buy it. I'm not saying they make good or bad rods, I'm just saying they're made in China and Assembled in so-cal at the "Powell rod company". Feel free to get back to me about that legacy Mr. President.
Powell Rods are very excited to introduce in 2015 a new IM8 Anthracite blank, which will be used as the platform for their new Colin line.