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the Pink Lady

greg s

Fishizzle, I use worms but I'm looking to upgrade!
Here is a version of a George LaBranche fly for the pale evening dun. I have seen some of these on the internet(always at least 50% BS) and they are always done in hot pink. Ernie Schwiebert always described the body as pale pink cellulite floss. After looking at the local craft store, I found some, although I don't think it is cellulite. I also bastardized it a little because I used fine gold wire instead of gold tinsel, but I like this better for a size 16. So let's see some new stuff from the other two masters out there. Maybe we can add a new person and expand this thread to 4? 5?


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Chris, make the tacos now and the flies a little later. I know mr. finite will show up with something good soon.