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  • Hi Andy,

    How have you been feeling? Did you ever figure out how to use the blood knot tier? I still have one in my fly tyig drawer. I haven't used it in forty years but the last few years I've been having some trouble seeig so I might start using it again. Hope your well and look forward to seeing you on the Delaware in another month or so.

    Hi again,
    You gave me the patent number and that directed me to a web site which gave all the information about the knot tyer. I was hoping to go back to that web site as I suspect it might also have tying instructions. I'll try the instructions you just sent.

    Hi Andy,

    It's great to hear from you! I too have an original Zoelezzi knot tier than I've had for over forty years. Did I provide you with a web site with instructions at another time?

    It is really hard to explain how to use it via email - if the rivers ever get back down to wadeable flows we could meet at my place and I could just show you.

    Basically you hold the tier with two hands and place one end of the tippet under the spring steel facing to the right and the leader end under the other spring facing to the left. Then you rotate the entire tier three times and take the end from under one spring and put it through the loop you've created - then hold that end and push up one of the springs and put the end under the spring to hold it in place.

    Then repeat with the other side. Then pull both ends tight and release the ends from under the springs and cut off the tag ends. I think that is how it works - I'm writing this from memory so I hope it is accurate.
    Hi Martinlf,
    No, Varivas hooks seem to be no longer imported into this country. Can't understand why, as I always felt it was a sharp, strong hook. I think it's a lot better than the ones now made in China.
    Sorry I didn't see your message sooner as I don't spend too much time on the computer during the summer.

    Tight lines,

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