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Not spiced meat


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Hearing all the good reports, I finally had some free time last evening to take the kayak down the river for some pikes. However I almost didn't go due to the winds that came up in the late afternoon, but figured I would give it a go anyway.
Well that turned out to be a good decision as I ended up with landing five pikes in less than an hour's fishing and had a few more blow-ups. The fish ranged in size from a single 18", two mid twenties and a pair of pikes that were mid thirties. All strikes were very aggressive and the flies were totally eaten.

The smallest fish took the pink tube fly and the balance went to the white and chartreuse articulated Deceiver. This particular Deceiver has accounted for quite a few pikes over the last weeks and will now be retired as it is pretty much been destroyed by these toothy critters.


Here are the two better pikes of the evening.


I would have stayed longer but as I started to fish my honey hole, a young lad that I had met on previous occasions made his way down to me to fish. We talked for a bit and I relinquished the spot to him as I had already done very well for myself.