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I couldnt help but post this ha ha


New member
Look what i stumbled upon on a Salmon River guides Facebook ha ha. Out of respect for the guide i had blacked out his name. Damn that thing is tiny and would never go down the Salmon on that thing. It looks like it belongs in a bath tub. Id imagine this is from your Bash weekend.

no denying thats us....maybe right after that argument we got in with that guide for not rowing behind him.
I own a 12 foot Hyde drifter, just like what you see, and it is very stable for 2.
puss ass SR guides...

On the flip side, there were a lot of really nice people on the water that day...

Maybe 10% of the people who have a guide license and charge people to float the river are actual "guides". While I love the river, it is the worst example I have ever seen of people calling themselves guides as they chum the water when their clients are not looking.

Most people who fish that river are nice people, it's just hard to forget that miscellaneous a-hole and his friend who are in the mix. Going back up this Saturday/Sunday with a friend, first time since the bash, hope catch 'em on the swing!