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Welcome back to the new NEFF. Take a break from Twitter and Facebook. You don't go to Dicks for your fly fishing gear, you go to your local fly fishing store. Enjoy!

Huge Winter Beaverkill Trout pics!!!


Reading this may help you learn some useful info about the site.

There are a few buttons on this site that may be overlooked. They are right there in plain site but may be obscured by all of the other things going on around here. See... I'm a technology guy and I like gadgets. While most of you are mostly interested or worried about what AK will say next, I like to ensure that the site has more buttons than a 747 cockpit. It keeps things interesting for me.

So here I have an image that I will explain in detail:


See the items underlined in red... Let's start with the first underline, "HOME". This is the future of NEFF. Right now you only see a few things on this page but I've been working on this a little bit here and there. Notice the "Rivers by Region" section? Click on the Salmon River. We have a google map and the weather along with an article (please don't post to it just yet). The google map thing is a bit difficult to work with (for me at least) but I'm getting there. I will hopefully have USGS information along with pools that are frequented. I'll have this for all of the rivers in our region. It's a work in progress but I will say that I've given quite a bit of attention to this over the past few days and don't plan on stopping.

The next section is "Portal". This is actually the current home page. This is the page we all know and love. it's the entrance page to the site. So if you're ever lost, just click "Portal" and it will bring you right back to the sites current home page.

Following the Portal link is the "Forum" link. This brings you to a list of the forums currently hosted by NEFF. Some are stale, many are not. In a perfect world, some of you goons would do me a big favor by posting your new threads in the relevant forum topic. Get with it... Help me to keep this place organized. Thanks.

"Blogs"... What can I say. The internet world is now full of blogs. Why not have a blog right here on NEFF. You can customize it your way just like Burger King. I consider this site my blog. Now create your own right here on NEFF. Don't worry, nobody will pay attention to what you have to say in your own personal space and it's probably just a waste to have blogs here anyway but go ahead and give it a shot.

"e-shop!" This is where I will occasionally put up some special deals on whatever. Currently available are a few dozen kick ass flies tied by 8yr old Kenyans making about .25cents a month. Look at it this way... Do you really give a shit anyway? The flies are $10.75 per dozen UNLESS you're a site supporter. There is a special deal for you. I think you'll find it very attractive. Also available are 5 copies of Aaron Jaspers video. You know you need this. Of course if the other 4 people who purchased these are making copies for you than you don't have to worry about purchasing the video.

Classifieds - I'm hoping this section will catch on. I think it's a bit nicer than the forum way of doing things and it allows for you to do quite a bit more than the classic thing did. For instance, you can sell things, auction things, etc... You can post pictures, set up postage... well, you'll just have to check it out. I've forward the classifieds forum to this new way of doing things.

By the way, if you're a retailer looking to sell stuff through this site, this is an excellent tool for you to unload last years crap that noone wanted to buy most likely because A. They were too cheap, B. They simply didn't have the cash, or C. because you were over charging them. Now is your chance to get rid of that stuff at a fair price or even run an auction. Keep in mind this isn't going to be free for you. Fees will be reasonable. Just send me a PM and we'll work out the details. What's nice about this utility is that I can keep track of what's sold and can drag your name through the mudd if you don't pay up. Of course if you pay your bills than I can promote you as an honorable dealer/seller! The power of NEFF at your finger tips!

Finally, we have "GROUPS". Somehow this was removed from the menu and I haven't had a chance to put it back up. I'm not sure if anyone uses them anyway but just like a personal blog, these are Social groups, just like facebook has. There are a few of them in there already just waiting for your participation and attention. You can even create your own. If you can't, send me a PM and I'll fix it. Keep in mind that I haven't made this a priority but if you insist on it, I will. Whatever it takes to keep you people happy while you're here.

I point all of these things out because at the end of the day Content is King. The more you add to the site the better it will become.

As usual, I appreciate you choosing NEFF as a place for you to visit, get made fun of, post useful stuff, talk about the 22" monster brown you caught that only looks like a 14" brown in the picture you just uploaded, scam people with phoney auctions, chase people away, post pictures, participate in threads, post fly patterns, etc... and of course listen to me whine every so often.
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I have just one suggestion...

You need to add a button for the meaning of life.

As always, thinking.

AK Skim
I have just one suggestion in my entire life. How can I get people to like me? I mean I know I am a rotten no good, evil bastard. I dont know how to make friends or keep friends. I have really nothing worthwhile going on so I spend a lot of time and money trying to aggravate others on this board. I need a hug...

You need to add a button that helps me get a life.

As always, I am a blithering idiot.

AK Skim

Yes you are AK
I feel the title of the post was false advertising and I am contacting my attorney at the law office of Dewy, Cheatum and Howe.