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Welcome back to the new NEFF. Take a break from Twitter and Facebook. You don't go to Dicks for your fly fishing gear, you go to your local fly fishing store. Enjoy!

Pretty tough running a forum!


Too much social media! How much longer will forums like this last? So many people are on Facebook and Instagram. They've both kinda killed the small guys. We were once the largest or one of the largest FF forums in the area.

I'll continue to make improvements on the site. Maybe FB will go out of business! lol.

On a more serious note, has anyone tried the Oculus? This is a VR device and it's absolutely incredible! I'm waiting for a fly-fishing game for this thing. Old concerts look extraordinary and mountain climbing with a pro is also amazing. The other day I took a canoe trip down some river and WOW! Absolutely amazing. This is the future!

Imagine standing in a river or a drift boat fishing your favorite river right from your living room! I know... nothing beats the real thing but, when you can't get to a river and simply want to have a little fun, this gadget has the potential to get a quick fix in while you're working! One can wish but hey... Look at just about every device in Star Trek... Even a holodeck is possible with today's tech.