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Some of the Entomology Photo's.


wanna be fly fisher.
So there is no confussion, I'd like to say that the mass majority of Entomology photo's were not taken by me, and only a small handful of them were actually taken by me. I've scoured the internet for hours looking for such photo's so you don't have to. Unfortunately, when I posted quite a few of them, I did not always give credit to where I downloaded these photo's from. Basically, I was rushing to provide you with information.

Many of them are Al Caucci's photo's, Charles Meck, and many of them are of Unknown Origin.

For now on, I will do what I should have done originally and post the photographer's name if it's available. If you know where some of these photographs originated from, please let me know the photo and the name, and I will certainly give credit where credit is due.

By the way, the Poster is not always neccesarily the photographer, but I can see where it can lead some or all of you to believe it was. I apologize for this too, and promise to not let it happen again. I also urge anyone posting pictures, to post the photographer if known.