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Penns Creek nymphs?


New member
Hi just getting started in fly fishing I've been reading and watching videos to help me learn but now it's time to get some time on the stream wanted to know any advice on some flies to get started for the next few months also since I am very green here sizes will help too thankyou so much

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I fish a fair share of limestone creeks. They can test your resolve. Be patient it takes time to crack the code. When the hatches are on your typical mayfly, caddis, stoneflies and midges will work. Sometimes they don’t. An observation I have witnessed and a great deal has been written about this behavior also. When the fish are not on the meal that is most abundant on the surface and the fish are thumbing their nose at emerges, but you observe them feeding. What I have seen is; on occasion the fish will dart in and out of the weed mats. What they are doing is; the fish will go into the weeds thrash around in that weed mat. The fish are dislodging scuds from the weeds, and then they will set in a feeding station downstream from the weed mat to feed on any scuds that drift down stream. So along with the flies that will be hatching at that particular time of the year, arm yourself with scuds 16-22. I like olive, tan and cream. Hope this helps. Good luck. Hope this helps. Good luck.


Trout Hunter
The diet of spring creek trout IMHO is mostly unglamorous stuff like midges, scuds, and worms - so it probably pays to have plenty of these. Zebra midges, simple fur scuds, and chamois worms are staples for me.

Little pheasant tails in 20 to 16 work great too. Lots of sulphurs and BWOs in spring creeks and a pheasant tail is a decent nymph for them. The late Pete Romano fished only pheasant tails in Penn's Ck and did better than most people with a chest pack of nymphs.

Rusty Spinner

Active member
Eastern limestoners are known for having fairly few species of aquatic insects, but highly prolific hatches of those few. As JeffK mentioned: scuds, BWOs, sulphurs, aquatic worms, and midges make up much of a trout's diet in limestone spring creeks and rivers. That and small trout and other baitfish.


Tight Loins
My advice: watch your step in Penns Creek - wading can be sketchy particularly in higher flows - great fishing and great hatches tho