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New reel recommendation


Too many streams too little time
To each his own but I think if you are open to other options I dould go with either the kraken or the alpha 3 from Allen. Kraken Reel Series - Allen Fly Fishing Store. You can get eother one for 199.00 and you can get 15% off of that if you join the mailing list. They have a great return policy as well. I have both for my switch rods and they are excellent reels.
I'm looking for a reel for a 7 wt switch rod I'm getting I have a limited budget and think I have it narrowed down to either an orvis hydros, a Lamson guru HD (with a full frame) or a galvan rush light which supposedly is the same reel as the torque just not as sexy. I've heard some people talk bad about Lamson but I'm also concerned they may be too light to balance an 11' rod even oversized. Any experiences/recommendations?


Professional BS'r
Hmmm, 3 year old thread. My guess is he settled on a reel........................3 years ago. :)

I was thinking the same thing when I went and read the first post. But, since the thread is reopened, I would go with any American made reel. We prefer Hatch in this household. I also own a Ross and Saracione for my Spey stick. I also have a weak spot for pre war Dingleys, Hardys, well, any pre war leader reel really.