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Welcome back to the new NEFF. Take a break from Twitter and Facebook. You don't go to Dicks for your fly fishing gear, you go to your local fly fishing store. Enjoy!
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  • I got the easy ones down pretty good- PT, Wooly Bugger, Hares Ear, Brassie,Zug Bug is eh. I went to a tying class at shannons fly shop and tied two great dry flies. One Caribou caddis and a LaFontaine Sparkle caddis emerger. Once i get my grades up i will be able to get more materials and start tying more dry flies. I signed up for the one fly swap. Im sure everyone will get a kick out of my flies but wat the hell.
    I totally understand. The mosquito's were really bad today. I stay till 12 and went upstream after you left. Landed couple more and one really nice rainbow.
    Yeah, I'll go to NY and get NY license. I always wanted to fly fish in Catskills.
    The fly that you gave is really nice. Thanks.
    Sorry I didn't get to spend more time with you today. The fishing was great but the mosquito's were killing me. I noticed the water is getting warm now and the fish are getting weak. We may have to give them a break till the end of August. I have to buy a thermometer; they say if the water is 70 its not good to fish. I don't if you're interested in getting a NY license. The fishing there is 100 times better than NJ and the water is cold all sumer. Let me know if you would like to go. I'll drive. And no Mosquito's!
    If you decide not to go because of the rain or if ti rains in the am just drop me a note here or text message me that you're not going.
    Yes, I park on the dirt road off Walpack road that leads down to the handicap area. So I'll meet you there. I have red subaru wagon. 973-248-5030. See you tomorrow.
    I think I'll park on Walpack Rd this time. Is that where you park? We can still meet at the handicap ramp at 6.
    My cell# 201 665 6079.
    Thats a cool picture. I just noticed its your reflection in the water. Great idea.
    Yes, I can meet you at the handicap ramp at 6:00. I park on the other side from where the ramp is but I walk over the bridge so I'll meet you there.
    BFB - I'll be in the water at 6am tomorrow. Just came back from Ramsey Outdoors with some new flies - trico spinners. Wanna go?
    Hi. I'm on boulevard near sunset rd. Just let me know when would you like to go fishing and I'm all for it.
    Where in Pompton Plains are you? I live in "The Glens" off West Parkway. We should get together and fish some time.
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