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Line for St. Croix Avid 7-wt Medium Actioin

Wondering if anyone can help me choose a good line. My first intention for my St. Croix is the South Branch, not for trout, not a 7 wt for that, but smallmouth bass, since there are some big ones I'm after. My second intention--it will come later--is the Salmon River in NY for steelhead. If I can get away with it, I want a line to serve both purposes, a weight forward of some design; I'm not sure which on a medium action rod. I'm under the impression that a bass bug line like Scientific Anglers Bass Bug, the $79.00 line, would overload this rod, that line more suitable for a fast action rod, but I'm no expert on these matters and just don't know for sure. It's not like I will throw poppers for bass the size of an Arbogast plug, but on the other hand, a lot of the steelhead fishing involves weighting the leader with a split shot, so there does seem to be some overlap when it does come to heavier presentations. I want to buy a line that doesn't cost a bundle, if I can avoid expense, but I will pay $80.00 or so if I have to.

Thanks in advance for any help. Fly fishing isn't new to me; I've casted 2-10 wt, but I'm still enough of a neophyte that I just hope I can interpret what you have to say to arrive at a solution that really works.