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mayfly hatch guide and quiz


I believe I set up a quiz thing here on the site. I'll check to see if it works, tonight.


The quiz addon is beautifull, I love it! I'll conjure up some questions and post them in a little while. In the mean time, if anyone here has questions they would like added, please let me know. Supply me with the questions you want along with the answers. I'll supply fake answers to the questions unless you supply them for me.

Here's something else... The quiz software allows for multiple categories. We can have categories on anything dealing with fishing. Give me some idea's on what type of quizes you want to see and I'll post them!

I'm convinced this can work and is a great thing. I'm going to add the quiz link as a forum. I'll dig up a bunch of questions for now, until I hear back from some of you.

Thanks for the great idea Joe.

I've added the Quiz and put up 15 questions with their answers.

All registered users are now able to test their knowledge of Mayflies. I'll add more quizes very soon. (Possibly tomorrow) :).

Please let me know what you think of this quiz. Thanks!
Dennis, its great when i get back after labor day ill try and think up some mayfly id questions.