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late October on Brodhead

greg s

Fishizzle, I use worms but I'm looking to upgrade!
I fished the last 3 weekends on the Brodhead at the Evergreen section, which is not stocked. While there aren't near as many fish as the stocked sections, there are some nice fish in it. I have never caught anything but browns there. I got the triple skunk! Really heavy leaf action over that period, and I have never figured out how to catch much in those conditions. Because of all the rain we seemed to get just about every Friday in late September and early October, I didn't go then as the water levels jumped to where I don't like wading it. I usually do very well there in the fall, but this year it wasn't happening for me.
This time of year you have to fish the tailouts for the big spawners. Get in a good high area overlooking the tailouts to spot the spawning fish and try either flossing them in the beds or use a good size hook heavy nymph and when you are over them, give it a good rip.
Now I don't have any firsthand knowledge of such fishing, but I hear that is how some guys do some serious catching in the fall. :ROFLMAO:

That being said, I have already stopped fishing my favorite wild brown river because the fish have already started to spawn and I probably won't be back until December.
I stop fishing in October also. The tail outs there always hold the big ones at some point in the day, usually at dusk in warmer weather. But I don't fish over spawners either. Besides, my little fingers get too cold.