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Mainstem - 6/1/08

WHOA THERE AK. I'm all for staying on topic almost as much as you are. How dare you consider my post off topic. I was talking about the East and West Branch...which form the Main Stem. You posted too quickly. Next time look at seemingly off topic posts from all angles.

WTG Burt!

I officially make you the "NEFF Commander of Keeping AK On Topic".

Yes I do have that power. Can you handle the position?

It would be an honor and a privilege. Should I give DC my address so I can have my desktop placard sent to my house. I'd like something simple. Black background with gold letters, real gold none of this painted malarkey.
Cdog if you ask AK I bet he thinks there's someone else already in that position though.
Cdog if you ask AK.

WHOA..... hold on there ....

Since when has Mr. C. Dog become your private secretary?

and WHEN did Iever appoint YOU the power to dictate NEFF policy?

Burt, you are about to learn a very hard lesson in following the NEFF chain of command.

AK Skim
So you're the master at arms here but not Rahway TU? they're missing out.


YOU are SO RIGHT!!!!

Why I would Champion all TU issues, cook hot dogs (sorry Cd.. bad pun) and hand them out at the RRTU family outings... sell the tickets for the door prizes, hold the first ever TU Christmas in July event, speel check the meeting minutes, mail out the minutes out of my own pocket, help set up the tables, sweep the floor and help turn out the lights I would.

But none of that is ever going to happen now.

I am not needed or wanted.

My feelings are hurt :( and no RRTU member likes me...

I know I can count on you to be my friend... I have none.

As always, just a little pity can go a long way...

AK Skim
A true shame....so where are those size 10 coffins I asked for a while back? I've already got Mrs. Dette Clark's hands full. In the event that I lose 6 simultaneously in the mouth of Moby trout (6 fly dropper, very popular in_____) I'll need some extras. just PM me for my address. Tight lines and tapered bodies...but don't taper these coffins AK.
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