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Camping and fishing around Roscoe


New member
Howdy everybody, long time listener first time caller... Alright, bad joke, sorry. I'll try to keep it short, I'm not exactly one for brevity sadly. But I've been lurking around the forums for quite awhile, learning, reading, absorbing whatever knowledge I can get. I've been fishing Fishkill Creek, Wappingers creek, Croton, Amawalk, Kensico, and the Titicus for a bit now. Even camped and fished some of the Delaware but not nearly as frequent.

However, I want to change up the scenery a little. Recent drive to Port Jervis by the out of the way route of Oneonta brought me down through Roscoe. Beautiful area and beautiful looking fishing spots. Made me think I need a bit of a scenery change. It's a bit outside the "day trip" drives I usually do so I got the bright idea, that if I was to head to Roscoe, why not make a nice little vacation of it. Few days off work, pack up my camping gear, and hopefully find a nice camping spot where I can wake up, roll out of the tent and walk right into the river and start fishing.

My research has been slow though... But I have come across 4 campgrounds that seem to pop up frequently in the area:
Russell Brook campground
Roscoe Park Campsite
Butternut Grove
Beaverkill Campground

Some of the site maps on the web pages leave a little to be desired. While other web pages showing the camp sites seem to have one right on top of the other. I know from Experience with Jerry's Camp Ground in Port Jervis, some of the sites are close, others are set back, and some are way out there on their own... But you kind of have to know through experience to figure out which is which.

So I figured I'd ask here. Anyone camped any of these spots and can recommend one? Or just a few of the camp sites that may be a bit more isolated than the others? Rather fall asleep to some nice nature sounds as opposed to cars driving past and the neighbor kids screaming and playing their tuba lol.

Thanks in advance, and have a good day.
Try little pond you’re close enough to all the rivers there. And the driveway goes over the upper bk beautiful club water. All those places could be a zoo though if it’s a nice weekend
Russel Brook is kinda cool. It abuts a network of hiking trails up into cherry ridge, and you can catch wild bows, brookies, and browns in the river.

The sites are right on a rushing creek so you won't hear any cars.

It's always looked a little trailer parky to me from the outside, but I stayed in a little shack cabin there a few times and it was always a chill time.
Appreciated guys. Always had a tendency to trust experience and those who've dealt directly with something as opposed to random internet reviews.