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Dr. Gonzo
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  • Andy,
    I don't know if the first message went through. I contacted you about a year ago regarding photo images for my article Big Apple Trout by Train. Steve Probasco at Eastern Fly Fishing wants to run the article in their magazine. I have a couple of beauty pics of the West Branch of the Croton but I need more. Could you provide a few beauty shots of the East Branch or the West Branch of the Croton with or without angler and trout grip & grin or close up. In return I'll send you an autographed copy of my book Tying & Fishing Soft-Hackled Nymphs as well as photo credit in the magazine. The larger the jpeg file or RAW file the better. If you can provide them please send me the files via allenmcgee@hotmail.com. You can send up to 10meg per mail. I need them relatively soon so they can edit it and place it in their lineup.

    Thanks for your help,
    Dr G,
    Check this out: Trout Unlimited, Mountain Laurel Chapter
    We're raffling off a day with Charlie Meck on the J.
    haha, we'll see what happens... i'm headed to central pa next weekend so i'm hoping to get out there this week
    yezzir, the gorge is one of the few things in this world that i would skip the giants for
    hey doc are you hitting the EB Croton by any chance tomorrow? I'll be there with a friend who is a complete novice so i think i'll be doing a lot more teaching than fishing. I'll be there real early and will be there most of the day. If that's where you wind up and you a see a guy in a dark green backwards hat, come say hello. congrats on finishing the bar and have fun out there
    dude that sounds awesome. I have to see if I am going to be around though, I might be going up to west chester if that's what Pam decides. I'll drop you a line in a bit.
    Post from CoolKyle-

    What's up Jay! Yo I saw some huge fish cruising around the pier in Red Hook today. I think they were blues, and I think they were 6-10 pounds. My heaviest rod is a 6, but I might string it up with a 20lb maxima leader and get to work at 5:30 friday for some fishing.

    What do ya think? City should be empty with it being a holiday weekend...
    One of these weekends we should hit the Musky.. after the lady has calmed down. I'll keep you posted when all is clear on the Western Front. I could zip down to J.C. and pick you up at the path.

    You going to be around this summer?
    really.....Are you not going to D.C.? Sounds like a good plan otherwise. I think the BCB was interested in some sort of trip on Sunday...
    Just wanted to make sure it wasn't a glitch in my browser. Too bad that Trout bums is knackered!
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