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Forum might be Ill


Trout Hunter
For a bit over a week, I've been having intermittent problems accessing the "Portal" (database error), every other page seemed fine.

It happened again this morning, with three other symptoms.
  • 1. I could not post.
  • 2. The chatbox wouldn't load.
  • 3. It lasted a lot longer.
This may be why we didn't have any posts earlier today.

If you can read this.....It's better now, but it's been "fixing itself" all along.


Well... not fixing itself! Our host moved again and left a bunch of temp files in one of the directories which left us no drive space for caching. GB notified me of the issue this morning and by this afternoon it was fixed. Let's hope no more issues.


Trout Hunter
Just now....
Your post (above) did not show up on the "new posts" page, but there was a "1" next to the new posts button, and I could see first 2-1/2 sentences in the sidebar.


A fan of Boobery
Yeah, same, I can only access the portal. But that's all I need here anyway, as the rest is DEAD!!!:)


Active member
I've been getting this error for weeks trying to access the FORUM page.

[h=1]This page isn’t working[/h][FONT=&quot]www.njflyfishing.com is currently unable to handle this request.[/FONT]
[FONT=&quot][/FONT][FONT=&quot][COLOR=var(--error-code-color)]HTTP ERROR 500



It’s working fine.

While the rate of information exchange is slow, it’s not because the system isn’t working…

We had a guy here (I use the term loosely) who used to post video's of himself fly fishing small streams. I believe he referred to himself as, "King of the Monkey's". We need more content like that to be successful again!


Trout Hunter
If you still have the vBulletin 4/5 "Spam-o-Matic" extension installed to prevent spambots listed in the "Stop Forum Spam" database from registering, it hasn't worked in months.

Has it been uninstalled? If not does it needs an update?


Trout Hunter
Looks like there was an issue with the datastor. It's still being worked on.

It seems to be mostly fixed now. :)
I considered the possibility that you were trying to hide it from all those Russian spambots, that Putin sent to torture us.:guns:

It still has a Minor glitch, with not marking a post "read" after you view it.
However, clicking "Forum actions" and then "Mark forums read" will clear them from the "New Posts" count.