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Catskill Update


Dry Flies Only
At the moment the catskills are basically still like the arctic circle.
However that will soon change.Typically ice out occurs between the third and fourth week in Feb.This is caused from the increase in sunlight as we move closer to spring solstace.

Once ice out begins the Rainbows start to move and spawn.This is a great time to be on the river since there are not to many anglers if any,and you will have the opportunity to catch some real nice wild hogs!

My favorite two spots for this action is the lower half of the lower B.kill from hortons pool to "jaws" were the B.kill meets the East Branch, and the last two miles of the west Branch of the Delaware.Large Buggers and or large BH nymphs will work well.

Some are expecting floods this coming spring due to the fact that some of the Resevoirs are spilling already and of course the significant snow pack.

The water will be high of course for a while but I dont think there will be flodding> since the first snows fell up there in Nov and the ground never got a chance to freeze.This will alleviate some of the run off, and replenish much needed ground water..Only Time and weather can tell?

One more thing,since the Cannonsville resevoir was almost completley depleted last year,many have speculated that the Alewife populations were Desamated and would not return.I myself was one who thought this as well.

Since then I have spoken to someone who thinks that the eggs can survive in the dried up res bottom.This person believes that there will be Alewifes in the west branch this spring.God I hope she is right.

If she is right it will not only bode well for the ecosystem but will provide some excellent angling opportunities on the upper west branch especially. Stay tuned.
:) :)
Joe, great update! Thanks. Let me ask this. What do you imagine the insect life being this year, or is it still too soon to know, or do you think if the reservoirs stay good through-out the summer, possibly next season will be even better.

This past season was pretty damned good on the West Branch, but the Mainstem heated up quite a bit. What do you think?
Dennis I think that this season will be a great one with regards to insect activity.With the cold winter and significant snow pack it is shaping up to be a great one.

The snow pack will provide an ample amount of cold water well into the spring,and the mayfly nymphs are not accumalating any "thermal units" this winter.Which basically means the hatches will be "on schedule" and much more concentrated througout the season.From APRIL - NOV.

Last season was good but compared to the past five years it was No.5.and that was due to warm water,warm winter, drought conditions and of course no snow pack at all.Hatches were sporadic and inconsistant compared to years past.As a whole.

As you said it is a little early to tell,but my gut? or science? tells me that we are in for a banner season!!

Dennis if you or anyone wants to know what thermal units are just ask?I did not want to bore you guys with scientific jargin unless you really want to know:eek
Any Regs?

Joe T.

You mentioned good Beaverkill Fly water from Horton down to Jaws for spawning 'bows. Which spots of that water is open before April 1?
Sorry I was thinking ahead of myself.(Getting Excited).I stay in the last no kill until 4/1.Dont want to get anyone in trouble.I do however fish that "lower stretch" of the B.kill in the early sping with very good success.