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Yute Day


New member
NJ's deer youth hunt was today and we finally got it done.

I sat with my younger son this year with my older a little ways down a fence line. We had a very close call in the morning and a few teases from deer that where on the wrong side of a fence. At noon when things couldn't get more boring a small spike materializes right in front of me and my boy and just serves himself up. The kid took his time and let the deer come and come until he got his broadside chip shot, high on the shoulder, deer never took a step...anchored.

We did some serious celebrating and got the deer back to the car so my other son could sit or a few more hours. After everything was squared away we did a gentle push through some overgrown areas back up to my older son to hopefully bring deer past him.
With only a hundred yards left to his stand I told my youngest it's not gonna happen, he would have shot by now!BLAM!

Hooooleeshit, it worked.

What a day, I have never seen these kids more excited.


Awesome yoot day! I was in NY this weekend for rifle season and helped one of our yoots get his first, a nice, old 6 point that should have been at least an 8 by now. He was thrilled!