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Winter Fishing


New member
So i was wondering what some of you guys do on the streams and rivers to keep ur selfs warm what do u wear how do you dress?
hand warmers all over my body and if no one is around and its real cold I build a small fire on the side of the river
Winter has become the only season I'm not swamped with TU projects or guide trips, so I find myself fishing often in the cold weather. Doesn't matter if I'm fishing, skiing, or hunting, I pretty much dress the same way. Depending on temps, at least one or two layers of long johns top and bottom and always moisture wicking materials. Sometimes I wear 3 layers with the outer most layer "Ploar fleece". Then I wear something over that accordingly. That is often regular blue jeans for fishing or ski pants or camo hunting pants if I'm doing those things instead. A coat of some sorts and my waders. I try to get away with a single pair of heavy socks, again, moisture wicking. If it's really cold, I may add toe warmers inside my waders. I wear half gloves that have a mitten cover up. The top mitten portion folds back and out of the way and the glove part only covers half my fingers, leaving me able to tie flies, mend line, etc. I'm usually so warm from the other clothes that I seldom even wear the gloves at all. Add a warm hat (again, moisture wicking) and you're all set. Waders keep out the wind as does my final layer which is typically GoreTex. And GoreTex breathes, so your sweat will not make your body get wet and clammy/cold. I add a neck gaiter if it's real cold as well.
Invest in good moisture wicking layers and top layer should be a polar fleece. Ems has some great clothes and good deals this time of the year.. and always stay away from cotton.. Cotton Kills
Wool gloves with the finger tips removed are a must for me. Wool retains 80% of your body heat when wet, whereas cotton when wet will draw heat away from your body. Cold hands make tying on new flies time frustrating and time consuming. I try and wear as much wool as I can when winter fishing - falling in a river when fishing sucks, falling in a river in the winter can be deadly.
I rarely fish if it's below 35 degrees, but when I do I stuff a down jacket and hooded sweatshirt under my waders and my waterproof jacket over the top. In the upper 30's to mid 40's it's all layers with long johns, fleece, and shell jacket. Above 45 and the fleece might get switched for flannel on top.
Merino Wool base- fleece - more wool- Gore-Tex.

IMHO nuthin beats wool natures miracle fibre.
hand warmers all over my body and if no one is around and its real cold I build a small fire on the side of the river

The most fucked up thing about this post, is its probably true. You always came off as a weird fuck. #saysthedudewearingacatshirt
Call me a wimp but my old bones and many many broken bones dont work well in the cold weather -- Especially in a river - I do at times vebture out and then I pay for it for a few days after -- My trick is to dress in layers. I love Gore tex because it keeps you dry and wicks up sweat -- I use Compression Type Long Johns because altough they are thin they are very warm, Polar Fleece is another thing i use alot of and I use 2 or 3 layers of socks. I thin layer on the bottom again to wick up moisture then 1 or 2 thicker pairs.

I've been thinking about getting those wader pants but I'm not sure if they are worth the money -- I use a heavy duty sweat type pants at the moment. BTW I work outside every night in all kinds of weather and no wind block. I have noticed that 20 degrees is cold and you really dont get much colder and hurt anymore than that 20 degree mark. 20 degrees or -5 degrees it's still cold and it still hurts