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Wild Sunday


Well-known member
Hit up a couple WTS's on Sunday, chucking a dry fly to see what I could turn up.
First stop was in PA in the DWGNA, fishing one of my little favorites for wild browns. I pitched a size 16 gray parachute to all the plunge pools and riffles and connected with at least a dozen fish ranging in size from five or six inched up to this nice fish that I tempted out from between two logs. It wasn't easy keeping it free of the snags and having to reach around and over to land it.

My next stop was back over the Dingman's Bridge to a little trib of the FB. I had not been back there for quite some time and my last visit was a couple years ago in January. On that occasion I caught three brookies on a dry fly and I wanted to give it a shot in warmer weather.
Well it did not disappoint, as I lost count of the number of brookies I connected with on the same gray parachute. Most of the fish were in the five to six in range with a few up to about nine inches.