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West Branch Cleanup


Trout,striper and grouse hunter
A few years back some anglers got together for a half day cleanup of a particularly disgusting bank along the West Branch below the West Branch Angler. Big Spinner, Dcabarle, Future Fanatic and me to name a few. This dump site was a favorite of some locals who probably enjoyed watching their refrigerator or bags of household garbage careening down the embankment to the water's edge. I haven't had the opportunity to do a drive by so I was wondering if it has to be done again. If it does we should put our collective heads together and form a posse. Big Spinner how does it look? If we clean up again I have some Claymores that we can use for our future dumpers.
Cingras53, et. al., I guess you have not heard, but I am now a Gas Baron and have no time for protecting or enhancing the environment anymore. Picking up used diapers and deer carcasses is for the "little people" to spend their time doing. I'll send you guys over some garbage bags. But with all the pro environment guys on this website, your list of helpers will grow to immense proportions. :)

Hey, DC, I'd really love to help, but I've got a funeral to go to that weekend (which ever weekend you guys happen to pick).
Thanks Future. I will call you at 4:30 am to let you know where and how many garbage bags we will need for that day.

Yeah, no problem... I'll make sure they are the good ones, "Glad Force Flex" (so the bones have a harder time rippin' through) Nothin' but the best for my pals. ("Pals" in as much as I can associate with the non-landed gentry). Speaking of which...