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This Weather Stinks!


Just finished a River Runs Through it!
This has been one of the worst winters since 94-95 here in NE Pa. We had a little tease of a warm up the first week in Feb but then had the door slammed in our face again by old man winter. With only a couple days left it looks like a wait now until April on my local waters.
I'm just keeping my fingers crossed tha March will be a better month and be able to hit the water for steelies.:(
Amen, Ruddy.

Hopefully, all this snow now means great fishing throughout the rest of the year and not floods and habitat destruction when it melts!

I mean, we have to catch a break one of these years, right?

Don't we?

no kidding!

The streams by me have been full since November when we started getting all that rain... between the sub-zero weather and snow lately, I'm thinking I'll only find 'fishsticks' if I go out now... Hopefully this will bode well for a productive year and get us out of this drought... Unfortunately, Round Valley and Spruce Run are still only at 80% capacity... Perhaps the spring thaw will change that..?

At least I hope we thaw.... 4 months of freezing temperatures has got me feelin' like a walking ice cube!

hey ruddy... you near honesdale?