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The Great Autmn Sedge


A fan of Boobery
Since people have been speaking Latin lately it is known in the east as Pycnopsyche...correct?

They have started hatching in the SBR......took this picture today at the upper lot....It's a little blurry, but unmistakable.....

October in September...jpg
This is one of Massimo Tirocchi's ties that should be very sweet: Massimo Tirocchi Handcrafted Bamboo Rods

Here's mine, it's been good to me over the last few years. You can use undyed deer or elk for the wing if you don't have the dyed stuff. The fish don't seem to care. They hatch in the very early morning hours along fast water stretches and pocket water just off the stream bank. Blind casting to likely fish holding areas can work well - the fish seem to key in on them.

An orange stimulator seems to do the trick also......but is a bit more to tie than that Grobert pattern......and probably the Massimo version also, But I have a few in my box so I will use them until they are gone...:)