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Summer drought affects


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This may be the first actual fishing post on the new site.

I was concerned as to what affect the summer drought would have on one of my favorite WTS in the Poconos. After the Friday night rain I ventured out to sample the stream on Saturday morning to see if the low water and extreme heat of the summer would impact the trout populations.
The creek was running high and contained a good amount of leaves that had been washed down from the runoff, but not to an extent that it made it a PITA to fish. I rigged up with a dry dropper, Chubby Chernobyl and jig nymph of various configurations.
Well after about four hours of fishing, I can say that I probably caught more fish on this outing than on any previous. Just guessing, I would say I probably caught over 40 fish from 6 inches to 13 inches. I even managed a good half dozen fish taking the dry.

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It's a good fishing post. The place I fished in the Pocono's seems to have done fine also. Not that I caught 40 fish or anything...Nice outing
Leaves not a pain in the ass?!??!! I wanna fish that stream in the middle of Fall!

I'm still working on the uploads. I found a problem with the old site creating 15gb log files. I'll need just a little more time!