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A few temps


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Here are a couple water temps and conditions from this weekend.

Sort of a boring weekend and Saturday I took a drive just to check on the water conditions of a LV stream. The water was obviously low and clear, but the temp at 2:30pm was 66°F. Not too bad for the heat and low water. I decided to nymph for an hour or so to cool off in my Simms Intruder wading boots that I am enjoying very much.
Between the geese, ducks and low water, most of my favorite spots were unfishable. However one run was still in pretty good shape and I was rewarded with a brown that pushed twenty inches. I played the fish as quickly as possible and I would guess that from the time I hooked the fish to moment of release was about two minutes. The fish blew out of my hands on release. I put so much pressure on the fish to get it in quickly that I actually bent the jig hook, but that just made it all the much easier to unhook the fish.

Sunday I was headed back up to the PA side of the DWGNA for some morning smallmouth fishing that turned out to be a major cluster. After crossing the Dingmans Bridge I was planning on heading south on 209 to one of the access roads down to the river. When I got to the traffic light the Parks Police had 209 closed going both north and south for a bicycle race and it was not scheduled to re-open until about noon. So I spent the next couple hours investigating some of the Delaware State Forest lands. I looked at what would probably be some nice brook trout waters if there was any water in them, but of course the levels were extremely skinny.

At about noon I ventured back down to the DWGNA and tossed around an articulated Gurgler that I wanted to try out. It had some nice action and I did manage in the middle of the day to bring up a couple little guys. I'd like to give it another shot on a nice cloudy day to see how it performs.

On my way south I stopped at Toms around 3:00pm to have a look. The water is still running, but just barely. However the water temp in the sun by the parking area was 65°F, not bad but not great for Toms.