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Hat II


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Well the Pocono weather on Sunday was quite a bit cooler and more breezy than it was back home in eastern Morris County. I did a little reconnaissance fishing yesterday on my usual haunt and was disappointed in some of the water I visited and most pleased with some others. Some of the stretches I checked out were what would be classified as frog water, maybe ok for fishing dry flies but out of the question for nymph fishing.
Other stretches had some potential but without any recent rainfall, the water levels are again suffering, limiting the good nymphing water.
The day started off in the low forties and warmed up only to just over fifty. With the stiff breeze it made for some difficult nymphing conditions with the wind blowing up river against the current.
I picked a couple of small fish in the 10"-12" range but the fishing was rather slow with regards to numbers. I did however land two fish of 19" and broke off a much larger fish that I think broke my tippet during a series of jumps, as I had the fish in close to me and it made another run with a series of leaps that caused the fish to become unbuttoned. Upon inspection of my tippet I saw that the line had broken but a few inches from the tie in point.

Here are the pics of the two largest fish landed.