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A cool morning


Well-known member
I fished a Pocono WTS early Saturday morning with the air temperature at 6 am a cool 57°. I knew the flows would be extremely low but decided fishing in low water would be better than no fishing at all. I didn't take a water temperature but can tell you that wet wading with the air at 57°, there wasn't much of a difference in how the air compared to the water.

Most of the brookies were on average much smaller than what I have sampled on previous trips to this stream with a handful of decent size fish coming out of some of the deeper pockets that I found. I figured that most of the larger fish were hiding out under the rocks and ledge, or probably spooked due to the low water conditions.

All of the fish were taken on either a Pink Humpy or Ausable Wulff, the two patterns that I always have luck with when fishing a WTS.