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Simms, coldwater or Patagonia shelled insolaters?


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anyone have either one of those pants? looking for something to replace my bulky fleece that i use for winter steelhead.
Nothing? nada? zip? So what do you wear under breathable waders for winter steelhead?
The classic cold weather combo is a wicking under layer with a fleece over layer. I like to use boot foot waders with some wiggle room for my toes. That is the most important to me. Then get the best boot foot socks, with silk or poly liners, you can find. My feet usually get cold first, so there is where my concentration is. Stocking foot waders just don't work well for me. Unfortunately, it seems breathable fishing waders are all stocking foot so I have to look at duck hunting waders. One person I knew glued breathable wader tops to muck boots to make breathable boot foot waders, but it was a lot of work and used a lot of Aquaseal. But it worked.

The wicking base layer I currently use is a level 3 Patagonia. Underarmor, Simms etc. are also good brands, but my son lives a block from the Patagonia outlet so I often buy my outdoor clothing there. I like the heavier end of base layers, but don't necessarily for the extreme end (level 4 for Patagonia).

Then there is the fleece. Originally I went for less expensive fleece pants because they have the same insulation thickness as the expensive ones since the material is the same. You may not like the bulk, but the thickness provides the insulation. What you don't get with the cheapies is the fit! They bunch up under waders, so look for fleece liners that have a better fit. Many people like fleece pants that have stirrups (like Redington IO) so they don't ride up your leg when you put the waders on. The outer layer must slide easily into waders for the best fit. Loose cuffs and open lower legs can be a problem.

One more option some people use is to get a unisuit that goes under the outer shell of a snowmobilers suit. Don't stick to the fly fishing section - great cold weather options are available for duck hunters, ice fishermen, snowmobilers, and alpine climbers. All but the climbers gear is most likely to be less expensive than fly gear.

If you are serious about real cold weather fishing it does not pay to cheap out with the clothing. For a couple of $100 you can get good undergarments and in the long run the comfort is worth it. Good socks $15 a pair; good base layer pants $40; good fleece pants $50. It is not worth saving money to suffer in the cold.

The other thing I am hard on for steelhead fishing is water proof, not water resistant. First no leaky waders!!. The outer shell has to be water proof and not water resistant too. Better wind resistance and my most miserable days at the Salmon R were when it warmed up a little and cold rain can in. You must stay dry in the variable weather up there and nothing but solidly water proof will do.
I wear a wool under layer made by Ibex and wear fleece over that. It doesn't have to be Simms or patagucci to keep you warm. Although my fleece pants are made by Simms.
I wear a wool under layer made by Ibex and wear fleece over that. It doesn't have to be Simms or patagucci to keep you warm. Although my fleece pants are made by Simms.

Im looking for something with a zipper fly. I have cabelas fleece and are warm but bunch at the ankle. But i need a zipper fly. Tough pulling down waders and then have to pull the front of the pants down to unleash the monster.
I the dead of winter, like now, I wear a pair of Hot Chilly's La Montana base layer pants with a pair of Patagonia insulated shell pants on top. That along with Hot chilly liner socks and Simms Exstream wading socks, I have never been cold.

Hot Chillys La Montana Bottom Black - Zappos.com Free Shipping BOTH Ways

Patagonia Men's Shelled Insulator Pants

Yes i wear looped wool under wear. Woolpower.com they are great but looking for pants with zipper fly. and I was looking at the Shelled insulators or Simms coldwater. you can take you waders off and go someplace for lunch and not look like your in your pajamas.
The Patagonia pants have a zipper and button on them. You can take them off and they look like normal fishing pants that you might wear in the spring or fall. Look around the web, or at the fly fishing show, you don't have to pay the $149 msrp. . I bought mine for under $100 a couple years ago, it may have been from TCO at the show.

Not sure what size you are, but here some XS for $103.