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Salmon River Report 2012

Take the water temperatures in those Pacific tribs you are talking about, they are not topping out in the mid-70's even in the heat of summer nor do they slow to a trickle. I fished the Deschutes in late July and made a point to stay in the 55 degree water just to stay cool. There is no comparison between the west coast fisheries and the great lake tributaries.

Keep stocking NYS, cut back on the Pacific salmon, and bring on more steelhead, and some water as well!. The best fishing is yet to come this year!
But, you must apply this same train of thought to our Pacific trib's, also. Therefore, there are no wild steelhead out west!? That is an illogical, misinformed train of thought. Fantastic that you not only know of the Catt but would selfishly publicize your knowledge of a sensitive fishery on the internet.

You do know they stock steelies out west? Yet your idea that because they stock on the east, in an area featuring limited natural reproduction, these fish are not wild. But, although they stock out west, in an area now featuring limited natural reproduction, these fish are wild? I do not get it. I have spoken with our Nation's foremost anadramous researcher's about this one and their take on it would surprise even the most scrupulous individual, such as yourself.

Closing the fishery is not the answer, and you're a damn fool if you believe that. Like Pulaski, there are towns out west that rely on salmonid fishermen to boost local businesses. Aside from these folks losing a lot of business, the fishery in itself would most likely not repair itself. A separate, specific measure is numero uno when talking about reviving the steelhead returns out west.

I mentioned the Catt. Oh no! It's one if the most publicized bodies of water.

You have yet to provide one piece of documentation or study on your claims about wild steelhead in NY.

As for hatchery fish out west, it has been PROVEN that hatchery fish negatively impact wild steelhead populations.


"hatchery salmonids – many of which do survive to reproduce in the wild– could be gradually reducing the fitness of the wild populations with which they interbreed. Those hatchery fish provide one more hurdle to overcome in the goal of sustaining wild runs, along with problems caused by dams, loss or degradation of habitat, pollution, overfishing and other causes."

"Captive breeding for reintroduction or supplementation can have a serious, long-term downside in some taxa, and so should not be considered as a panacea for the recovery of all endangered populations."

Typical lib argument. All mouth and no facts.

Also to compare the west coast fishery to a Great Lakes fishery is apples to oranges. You talk about snagging fish off reds and unethical fishing, but the SR alone has a 92% release rate if steelhead. Steelhead in NY are out and take. This is why you don't see the monster fish from many years ago. There are more fish in the lake competing for a smaller amount if food. This is why the majority of steelhead are small.
I can attest to the lack of forage fish in the lake. In the 80's and early 90's we would mark huge schools of bait on the sonar graphs. I saved some of the chart paper from the sonar and the clouds of bait were 40 feet wide and 80 feet tall, you would mark them all day. as time went on the baitfish dwindled you woild only mark occasional small pods of alewives. The fishing suffered, yes there are the lampreys and zebra mussels but introducing hundreds of thousands of identical sized fish into the system all at once wreaks havok on the food chain.
Nice. I'll be fishing LO tribs tomorrow. Then the fish will be adjusted to the change when i hit the river on Sunday. I hope there is a nice push of chrome that want to chase streamers!

Sent from my DROID RAZR using Tapatalk 2
Nice. I'll be fishing LO tribs tomorrow. Then the fish will be adjusted to the change when i hit the river on Sunday. I hope there is a nice push of chrome that want to chase streamers!

Sent from my DROID RAZR using Tapatalk 2

Hopefully they keep it at 750 and don't jut run it like that for the night
I was up this weekend (12/15-16) Flows are over 900 cfs. Picked one up swinging and two on Princes. Weather was good. I got to break in my Z-axis 7wt Switch I had built this fall. Great weekend for me, I have not been up there in over 15yrs. Nothing like hook' Steel on a rod I built and a fly I tied :punk:

Props to Johnny Utah too, he gave me some Sweet Princes that put me on to several fish and a sweet spey fly that got me my first steel on Friday.





My buddy Steve landed this sweet Hen!

Nice pics fredy!!!

The "snag" sure does hold a lot of those slob browns. Suprised to see no many down there!
Fished three different Lake O tribs 12.14-16.

Flows in the Salmon River were up above 900 cfs in Pineville. Down at the Doug, the water was moving quickly. Seemed the fish were really hunkered down in deeper, slower moving runs. It was quite cold the day we fished the Salmon River, 12.15 ( Sat. ), & made for a tough day. I went 2/4 that day. Surprising the amount of traffic at the Doug this late in the season with tough conditions. I kicked myself for not hiking in from the fishing museum, the braids back there can be tops in higher water conditions.

First time I brought the camera out this season. A few of the photos:



nice report, that bottom steelie is a good looking fish.
Nice catches Thrasher. I had similar luck in the same locations 2 weekends ago. Enjoy it there before it ices over.