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10-18-11 Salmon River report


Dries, wets, nymphs and streamers...it's all good!
Today ended up being a decent day on the river. Rugby10 joined me as well as his father in law, who has had both knees and one hip replaced. This limited our ability to venture, but that was ok as I always enjoy his company and he has taught me so much about this great sport we call fly fishing. So we decided ahead of time that we would fish the LFZ. I woke up way before my alarm was due to chime, so I walked the dog at 2:30am, while drinking my first cup of coffee and was on the road by 3:15am. This had me pulling in the lot at 5:20am, was suited and heading to my favorite spot by 5:30am. While I was the first car in the lot, there were already headlamps on the bank. Fortunately for me, they were all lead lobbing chuck and duck pootards that would not head to my spot as it requires actual dead drifting and proper mending of the line. It also allows for a swung fly if the crowds are down, which they weren't, so no scandi head action for me today.

About 45 minutes later, Rugby10/Al and Dick arrived on the scene. There was the perfect amount of room for the 3 of us to fish with plenty of space to never be in each others way. Once light conditions allowed, we started fishing. Dick had 3 hookups within the first hour, but since he won't move(mobility issues) when he has a fish on, they were never landed. Alan had a few on, I had a few on, but we couldn't seal the deal, until.......Al landed a very nice Steelhead, I'll post a pic when I get it off my camera. The action around started to slow, then Dick landed himself a nice male Coho. The action died again in the early afternoon, well not for the lead lining snaggers, but for the ethical anglers. Dick called it quits around 2pm and went to rest in the vehicle. Around 3pm, our spot blew up with action. It was an truly and unique experience. For 45 minutes, Al would cast a few, fish on, I would net it, or try to. Then I would fish while he re-tied his knot/fly (always a good practice after landing these fish), within a few casts, bang!!! We were there to target one species, Steelhead. What was crazy is that the coho started gobbling our flies, as well as the kings. I would never have guessed kings this late in their game would have done so, and I know they are not feeding (not trying to start a debate here), but they hit these flies. I wouldn't believe it unless I actually experienced it for myself. Al threw a green whooly bugger out and first cast a king whacked it. Well the action was awesome for about 45 minutes and at 3:40, I finally caught my first steelhead of the season. So I now declare that steelhead season is upon us. 1 to 2 bb size split shot all day. I love how the lead lobber thinks the more weight the better. Those darn anal fins are so attracted to their lead!!

So here is what is different this year than last. Al and I always try to make it up there this week for a day, and usually hit this spot in the LFZ targeting chrome. In previous years, the salmon were not nearly as prevalent as today, as most have dies off, and the LFZ is loaded is steelhead. There is still a HUGE amount of both king and coho, and while there are bodies everywhere and zombies swimming around, a ton of these fish are still fresh. There were steelies there, but not like in previous years. This to me is a good thing. As fishing has been all year, this season also appears to be delayed by a few weeks. That means most of the snaggers who take there days off now, won't kill/damage as many steelhead when they start showing up in crazy numbers in the next week or 2. Gotta love the fair weather fisher, I know steelies do! That's my theory and I'm sticking to it! Plus, it's true. I cannot wait for November, I predict it to be the best in years.

Anyone who has spent more than a day in the LFZ knows who Cannonball Ken(my nickname for him). He is retired, always fishes the south side of the LFZ in or below old farts cove, and usually has a black lab with him. He uses a TFO spey rod and "swings" his special flies with several heavier than needed split shot vs. sinking tips. Well if y'all are wondering, he still is obnoxious and loud.

We pulled our lines at 4pm and I was in my garage by 6:37pm with McDonalds stop in Rome. I am glad I chose to use one of my vacation days today.

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Wow, I am guilty of many typos and grammars errors, I've been up since 2:20am, so I'll cut myself some slack.

Wonderful report my friend. Glad to see you landed your first chromer of the season. Cannonball Ken and I have had a few words on occasion. regarding his "kurrrrrrrplunk" with a spey rod. I was in the UFZ last week and Lead shot shit head larry, which i assume is his brother, was single spey casting a glo bug with 4 "chuck and duck" size weights on a two hander. I just sat there and laughed... While I dont like heading to the SR much before november, let alone C-day weekend, it provides much needed commical relief..

I am chromeward bound tomorrow. I CAN"T WAIT!
saw a guy in the UFZ last time who had a fly rod with a mono MAIN LINE and then a short butt section of fly line which may or may not have made it a legal rig, im not sure. Either way this guy was a GOON
saw a guy in the UFZ last time who had a fly rod with a mono MAIN LINE and then a short butt section of fly line which may or may not have made it a legal rig, im not sure. Either way this guy was a GOON

Are you sheeting me? Wow...

So he is one of those clowns that you see in the FF only section of the flatbrook with a 1947 Medalist, glass rod, chucking gerber baby carrot puree dipped wooly buggers...Scum bags...
Watch your comments about glass rods and Medalist reels! Medalist reels are still the best $30 reel out there, and fishing a nice old slow glass rod is a relaxing way for me to fish. Why spend $500 on a reel when a $30 reel will do. Sure you can go boo, but a $200 Phillipson is an off the hook expensive old glass rod and you can find many for next to nothing. You young pups with that swishing the line around at 90 mph and drags that "can stop a truck" fishing for stockies in the Flat Brook. And I haven't used an orange wooly bugger for going on two years now - Red Hots and Honey Bugs do better up at the Flat Brook.

More rants from an old fart and proud of it!
Sounds like a good day lynch! I will be up there this weekend. While I prefer the faster water for nymphing if its all packed there are plenty of fish else where if you know how to fish. Last year around this time I had a similar experience in the LFZ, if no steelies took my fly a king would almost always pick it up at the end of the drift. In a hour i had 15-20 hook ups. Nothing that fought well but still entertaining.

Cannonball Ken :rofl: Never heard that one before, yea those guys always have that side of the river on lock down. Not a bad spot either but good luck getting in. I prefer the lower end of the pool before the rapids for steel. There also a guy in that crew with a smaller tan colored dog that barks alllll F-ing day! Ive wanted to shoot the damn thing, or rather the owner for not controlling his pet.

The early morning "kerPLUNK!" is a common sound up there. I use either one 3/0 or 7 size split shot in most conditions. I dont see how anyone else uses any more and still is effective or thinks they are fishing right. I would think they would be hung up every second.