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NEWSFLASH: Expert: Anti-drilling claims full of hyperbole

New York State Legislators attack PA Drilling Regulations:

DEP secretary blasts back after N.Y. senators attack Pa. drilling - News - Citizens Voice

Quote From PA DPR Secretary: "You cannot have drilling, even done well, and not get zero impact."

Bob K.
If an area where drilling is being considered: might not have a zero impact, provides drinking water to four states, then only a zero impact is acceptable, if this can't be done then no drilling should be done.

Good catch on the hyperbole, Bob. You really have to watch what these activist reporters write... When he wrote this:

"The contamination came to light on Aug. 4, when a water well top blew off at Earl Sites' Brocktown Road home. He then successfully lit a gallon of his well water on fire."

At first I thought "HOT DAMN, the world's energy problems are solved! Chesapeake has figured out a way to burn WATER!" But alas, no, just some activist reporter trying to scare the folks....

(and they're funny, too... "the contamination came to light..." I'm not sure it's right though making jokes about these peoples' plights, but that's just me...)
Please keep bringing these hyperbole examples to our attention(it's not like it's hard to find them though, huh?);)