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light rod for LMB

I was going to wait for the light tackle guys to reply, and then offer a discenting "traditionalist" opinion, but since no one replied, I'll start:

It depends on your skill level and the size of the flys, you'll be using. If it's the best rod available, I'd go ahead and use it.

If you stick to small streamers and "panfish-size" bugs, it could work out.

However, the large flys and bushy bass bugs, traditionally used for largemouths, are best fished on a 7 to 9 weight outfit. Especially if you're going to fish in lakes or ponds, where you'll want to make long casts, with large wind resistant flys/bugs.

It's not the size of the fish, but the size of the fly.
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For LMB I've got a 9' 6wt with 8wt verstip line. the little extra wt on the line makes it shoot through the guides a little faster. When you're trying to get those heavy poppers out there near the plants you want a little umph behind the popper. Rod is pretty stiff with a med to fast on the tip. I can shoot the line about 30 yards on a windy day. A bit farther if double haul.

If you're bass fishing near think cover (where the majority of bass fishing is done) you'll want a heavy rod stop a bass in it's tracks before he wraps you around a tree. I found out you want let a bass run like a trout, because you end up losing you're only popper and having to retie your tippet.
Even if you're in wide open water you're doing a disservice to the fish to exhaust it on a light action rod.
This might also depend if you are using unbarbed hooks. I bend mine down and find that unless I start cranking away, I will loose her. I do let them run a little but try not to give them much of a leash.


I just acquired an Orvis TLS 5wt., so I'm into heavy tackle for saltwater. Usually, I don't go heavy.....

Decent LMB on an Orvis 1wt.

...another one on the 1wt.

...decent yellow perch on a 2wt.

...nice pickerel on the 1wt.

..another nice bass on the 2wt.

...this guy flopped at the last minute....on the 1wt.

...I've only been fly fishing here in south Jersey for 12 years....but, I like to research and experiment.....sure saves the wrist, forearm, elbow and shoulder; and, it's a lot more FUN.

Kindest regards, Jim

Fly Fishing with Bill Byrd
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Hey Kyle,,

95% of the time I'm using #10 weighted wooly buggers tied in medium peacock estaz; then olive and then black.
For topwater I use a #10 frog popper I buy in quantity from a local tackle shop that stocks some fly equipment.

You don't need big flies. The bass diet does not consist of big buzzbaits, 11" power worms, crankbaits, etc. If it did, you would have to have multiple metal throwers on the water at all times year round. They eat the standard, and plentiful aquatic life indigenous to the waters.

I'll try to takes pics of my standard flies and post them.

Regards, Jim
My ultralight LM Bass rod is a 8 1/2 ft 5wt,,,,, I will use a 6wt nymph line when casting larger wind resistant flys and a standard WF5F with smaller flys.

If you use a fast action rod, the butt section has plenty of strength to pull in a nice fish without overplaying and stressing it to exhaustion.