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Welcome back to the new NEFF. Take a break from Twitter and Facebook. You don't go to Dicks for your fly fishing gear, you go to your local fly fishing store. Enjoy!

Last fly swap was....

I want to thank DC for his generous donation of Flys for Protect Healing Waters .

When I get the entire donation together . I will take pictures and post them. I just want to let you guys know. Besides the swap which is fun. It's a great thing you are doing for our wounded Vets. Not one to go unnoticed.

in the mail 2day
Glad to see this forum do the donations to PJHW. I’ve participated in the past on other forums, next year I’ll join in here as well

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Just checking, Tom are you OK? not a peep, I figured my comment would have elicited some response.....:confused:
proselytizing that 'holier-than-thou,' 'straight-shooter,' 'show some respect, sonny,' shit has kinda always been tomfly's MO...

...so falling off the map and ghosting us after we tied a bunch of flies for phw seems a little out of character, i hope he's doing alright.

perhaps he got his head stuck in a hand railing?

Did anyone get flies?? If we didn't I really hope PHW got theirs...I'm a busy guy too, but it only takes a second to log on and say something.....TOM!!!!
So, apparently Tom has received many flies under the guise of a fly swap, and used PHW as a reason to get more flies....a bunch of us sent in flies over a month ago and have not heard a peep from Tom, nor have any of us received any flies...I sincerely hope that Tom is OK, if he is, I hope Karma bites his ass really hard!!:finger:
I'm thinking that DC went in with Tom on these shenanigans because as we know, DC doesn't tie his own flies
One of the drawbacks to internet friendships, that just use screen names, is that no one tells you if they become incapacitated or die.

I wasn't in the swap, so I don't have his address, but I did some "Googling".
Is this him? If this is where you sent the flies, you have a phone number.

Now, I'm doin' a little reading between the lines here, but, what I think
Pete here is saying, is that everyone who sent flies to Tom should meet up at LU's McDonald's, distribute pitchforks and clubs with nails through them, and head on over to Tom's (cause I believe Pete is right on the money) and take care of your business... that is, if Tom is not already dead or otherwise "incapacitated".

Right, Pete?

I'm looking forward to reading the thread about this on Monday morning...